Economics of the careers and works of artists

David Galenson is professor of Economics at the University of Chicago. He has written a series of interesting papers on the economics of the careers and works of artists. While not directly related to intellectual property issues, I enjoyed reading his articles, and thought you all would enjoy them as well.

What follows is a list of his articles, available academically at the SSRN Web site. Prof. Galenson has kindly provided four papers that can be downloaded from this Web page. To obtain his other papers, contact him at the University of Chicago (

Downloadable papers by Prof. Galenson

July 2003 - Literary Life Cycles: The Careers of Modern American Poets Feb. 2002 - The Life Cycles of Modern Artists Sep. 2002 - The New York School vs. the School of Paris: Who Really Made the Most Important Art After World War II? July 2003 - The Reappearing Masterpiece: Ranking American Artists and Art Works of the Late Twentieth Century

Other papers by Prof. Galenson