Internet Patent News Archive - Titles from 2003 to 1993

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July 2003

Random news: eSpeed, copyright, Bolton, AMA, PTO SPEs, Madey
      -- eSpeed sues BrokerTec
      -- Bill introduced to make Federal research reports copyright-free
      -- Using export regulations where copyright infringement fails
      -- Michael Bolton suing insurance company for not settling case
      -- AMA backs human cloning for therapy, not reproduction
      -- Patent examiner complains about SPE management at the PTO
      -- Cellphones provide new way to infringe copyrighted works
      -- Lawsuit refiled to get PTO to keep paper files
      -- Comments on the Supreme Court's denial of Duke's Madey petition
Some statistics on university licensing royalty rates
      -- Microsoft's new example for the sci-fi-obviousness files
      -- A non-enabling Australian patent?
      -- Some statistics on university licensing royalty rates
Agricultural researchers form public consortium
Rogan's humor; stupid ATT patent; RSA patent analysis
      -- Interesting online slide rule
      -- Three year prison term for copyright infringement
      -- Alternative reason why record sales are decreasing
      -- Is WiFi a bit overblown?
      -- Lawyer complains about some examiners' problems with English
      -- Lawyer complains about the PTO eliminating CPAs
      -- Confidential prior art included in issued patent?
      -- Rogan's staff upset with his strange sense of humor
      -- Stupid ATT patent of the month award
      -- An analysis of the expired RSA cryptography patent
      -- African Americans on the average are 17 percent white
European lawyer also complains about PTO examiners' English
      -- Ancedote about S.C. Justice Lewis Powell Jr. and
      -- European lawyer also complains about PTO examiners' English
      -- Another reason CD sales have decreased
      -- Is "best mode" an impotent requirement?
      -- New policy chief at the UK Patent Office
      -- Hollywood studios fighting Internet privacy bill in California
      -- A couple of bad jokes
100+ year old painting used to block Costa Rican canopy patent
I am influential, have a book deal, beat Niro
      -- PATNEWS to exhibit at USC Entertainment Law Symposium 9/20
      -- Managing IP names me one of top 50 most influential global IPers
      -- I have book deal with Nolo on art/entertainment law
      -- I win my lawsuit and beat the great Niro Scavone law firm
All physical processes are information exchanges
A complaint about the PTO's Supervisor Patent Examiner system
Lots of patent and copyright news stories
      -- House subcommittee pretends to talk about patent quality
      -- People seeking help with Acacia
      -- Lose fat while sunbathing? You can't, its patented
      -- Nice inventor story in Scientific American - Aug. 2003
      -- Record companies complain about 10 countries
      -- Judge rules that three companies don't infringe ICN patents
      -- Sleazy drug industry lobbying tactics
      -- Two economics professors clueless about smart non-Americans
      -- Israel to join Madrid protocol
      -- Best mode in Australia
      -- Indian patent office sets up appeal board to speed processing
      -- Japan appoints a new patent commissioner
      -- Japan pushing researchers to seek patents
      -- "The Simple Life" - portent of the end of civilization?
      -- Levi Strauss sues Esprit over red stitching
      -- A dissatisfied Canadian music consumer
      -- Microsoft's return on investments
      -- Pillsbury Madison's extra office space in Silicon Valley
      -- Web site for information on herbal supplements
      -- Web site for data on pesticides in commercial products
      -- Jordanian man reports patent infringement to Kuwaiti police
      -- UCITA committee is discharged by NCCUSL

June 2003

Random patent news: crystals, competitiveness, cash crop patents
      -- What is a crystal?
      -- Book review: the costs and benefits of American technology
      -- Book review: Biopharmaceutical Products in the US Market
      -- A comment about the EU's push into polytronics patents
      -- Measuring competitiveness by analyzing interference proceedings
      -- Being a biotech examiner still helps getting a law firm job
      -- A comment about US laws and US treaties, re Singapore and DMCA
      -- Marij_uana a big cash crop but not a big patenting area
Another IP controversy in Costa Rica - Swiss bioprospecting
US Army patenting bioweapons - to teach Saddumb/binLardin?
Foreign patent news: EPO, Thailand, Nigeria, China, Monsanto
      -- EPO still unable to elect a new president
      -- Thailand's king receives patent for artificial rain making
      -- Controversy over Nigerian sickle cell patent
      -- Honda's lawsuit shows flaws in China's patent system
      -- Doctors Without Borders blasts drug patent regime
      -- Groups upset that EPO upholds Monsanto's soy beans patent
      -- GMU's 2nd annual "Hot Topics in Patent Law" symposium in July
PTO issues bad Internet surety bond bizmet patent
Gallery of images from artistic patents
1948 bizmet patent; RFIDs; sinusitis patent protested
Design images; IBM; Fast TCP; Microsoft; Japan movie copyright
Stories from the copyright and trademark worlds
      -- NetFlix gets patent on their movie rental business
      -- Excessive IP notices on box of Harry Potter jelly beans
      -- Problems with mailing applications to the Copyright Office
      -- Family of Spike Jones thinks Spike Lee is a twit
      -- Photographer asks court to ignore Barbara Streisand
      -- "New York" magazine article on copyright law professor and por_n
      -- U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops returns Mel Gibson's scripts
      -- Philippine government investigating U.S. auction of Chinese art
DMCA in Florida; UK fights software patent; EPO e-files
      -- Homeland Security office checking Arab PTO examiners
      -- Judge says Mailblocks anti-spam patent probably invalid
      -- Florida governor Bush signs super-DMCA bill into law
      -- UK government fights educational software patent
      -- EPO to offer online access to patent filewrappers
      -- Taiwan Semiconductor fighting 45-year-old Lemelson patent

May 2003

Economics section of my new Web site
Cohen-Boyer licensing; Monsanto's battles; South Africa
      -- A brief history of the licensing of the Cohen-Boyer patent
      -- Tennessee farmer sent to prison over Monsanto's cotton seed
      -- Monsanto v. Canadian farmer - goes to Canadian Supreme Court
      -- U.S. farmers say Brazilians pirate Monsanto's gene-altered soy
      -- South African tribe to get 8% of profits from diet drug
      -- South African tribe gets lousy deal over diet drug
PTO blows it big time with DNS searching patent
Canopy tours in Costa Rica infringing a patent?
Indian company complains about PTO ex-parte reexamination
June 10th Copyright Economics meeting in Washington
EBay to pay $35 million for infringing online sales patents
Get ready for software agents patent lawsuits

April 2003

News from Washington DC about patents and other things
      -- Two cool Web sites
      -- Congress will pretend to have a hearing on the PTO this Thursday
      -- Is the new PTO PTO/SB/08B form a prior art confession trick?
      -- Department of Justice comments on IP and antitrust
      -- NIH sets data sharing rules
      -- PTO to hold hearings on boat hull designs
Random patent news: PTO form, new music CD; donating patents
      -- Sony and Phillips to launch 100 hour music recordable CD
      -- E-centives sues Coupons Inc.
      -- PTO changes its recently introduced prior art form
      -- Forbes magazine editorial supporting copyright maintenance fees
      -- More ways to abuse tax-deductible patent donations
      -- CAFC narrows literal scope of claims based on definitions in spec
EPO; Russia; PTO examiner; PTO and gene sequences; Xerox; Canada
      -- Questionable patent from EPO
      -- Update on patent changes in Russia
      -- Complaint about PTO Examiner demand for word definitions
      -- A complaint about PTO handling of gene sequences
      -- Some lawyers in Arizona join the Teamsters
      -- Xerox has ergonomic mouse patent available for licensing
      -- April 14 seminar on global trade and intellectual property
      -- More comments on large/small patent fees in Canada
Stupid patents; tax abuse; UK stem cells; PTO gene seqs
      -- PTO to financially sanction stupid patents?
      -- More on the growing abuse of donating patents and tax deductions
      -- Judge says Oscar-winning camera lens doesn't work
      -- UK Patent Office to allow pluripotent stem cell patents, not toti-
      -- More observations about PTO's mishandling of gene sequences
      -- Examiners's Union criticizes PTO plans to outsource searching
      -- Inept war planning leads to destruction of Iragi National Museum
Microsoft; USA Video sues Movielink; BEA; IETF patents; UK
      -- Yet another fraudulent patent valuation
      -- Amount spent per patent by drug companies
      -- Microsoft and Lucent battling over software patents
      -- Interesting gossip about Euro software patents and Microsoft
      -- USA Video Interactive sues Hollywood's Movielink
      -- BEA's open source headache
      -- IETF standards group to allow patents into IETF standards
      -- IS UK government for or against business method patents?
      -- Sony withdraws trademark application for "Shock and Awe"
      -- Software silliness at the US Department of State
      -- IP job at the University of Cincinnati
U.S./CBD/UPOV/Terminator; IP and developing countries; Antarctica
      -- U.S. gets heavyhanded with UPOV over Terminator patent
      -- April 26 London debate on IP and developing countries
      -- Controversy over patenting things from Antarctica
Two dumb non-software patents; latest dubious Internet patent
New IETF IP guide; Lucent/Dell; PCT update; SCO/IBM
      -- Updated table of invalidated software patents
      -- New IETF IP guidelines for working groups
      -- The six patents at issue in Lucent v. Dell
      -- State communications law threatening security software
      -- Useful supply of stem cells found in baby teeth
      -- Upcoming PCT revision summary from German law firm
      -- Interview with SCO CEO over software copyright suit against IBM
A history of artistic innovation as artistic invention

March 2003

Patent politics in Florida leading to large state losses
Random news: Glaxo, transistor, Malaysia, state of Florida
      -- GlaxoSmithKline loses lawsuit over generic version of Paxil
      -- Inventor donates $5.25 million to AAAS to study innovation
      -- Does the PTO now have to allow oddball propulsion patents?
      -- Cost of producing hydrogen for fuel cells
      -- US budget deficits getting worse - more diligence for PTO fees
      -- Supreme Court rules actual, not likely, dilution has to be shown
      -- More on the history of the invention of the transistor
      -- More on changes at the Malaysian Patent Office
      -- Some clarifications on the patent woes of the state of Florida
Some recent dumb patents; Microsoft's DRM cracked
      -- I can see clearly, but what am I seeing?
      -- Microsoft's e-book DRM cracked
      -- San Francisco lawyer complains about Peninsula mentalities
      -- UK's The Register discovers the PTO has problems searching
EU's new Community Patent
      -- European Union releases plans for new Community patent
      -- Why patent medicines were called patent medicines
      -- Open source: good for programmers globally, not locally
      -- Courtmartial anyone in the Pentagon reading the "Bible Code"
Software patents versus non-US software job outsourcing
      -- Small company wins $25 million with its digital camera patents
      -- Software patents versus non-US software job outsourcing
      -- News on new respiratory disease breaking out in Asia
French genomics patenting; Finland software patents;
      -- French thumb their noses at EC genomics patenting directive
      -- Finland's National Board of Patents to accept software patents
      -- Intellectual property may delay release of peanut allergy drug
      -- Ninth Circuit - "virtually identical" photograph not infringing

February 2003

Galen stock drops after challenge to its PMS patented drug
Skjerven Morrill is dissolving; Brobeck; New PTO plans
      -- San Jose based Skjerven Morrill to dissolve
      -- More on the Brobeck dissolution
      -- Prosecution history estoppel based on contemporaneous prosecution
      -- Revisions to the PTO's Strategic Plan posted to
Webcasters under attack from Acacia's patents
New PTO fees are a tax on small inventors
UK update on the Community Patent in Europe
Random (patent) news: PTO in crisis; UCITA; Festo; Russia; Iraq
      -- US PTO concedes patent system is in a crisis
      -- Latest questionable Internet patent
      -- Will lawyers oppose Community Patent in Europe?
      -- ABA refuses to endorse UCITA
      -- UK Patent Office to outsource searches to other patent offices
      -- Comments on the recent Festo hearing at the CAFC
      -- New trademark law enforced in Russia
      -- List of American companies who helped arm Iraq
Random biotech patent news
      -- Interesting animations of molecular biology
      -- David Baltimore complains about religious fundamentalists
      -- Wall Street Journal article on pharma buying off Washington
      -- EPO to offer access to INPADOC through esp@cenet
      -- EPO to reexamine DuPont patent on maize
      -- Symposium on human cloning and genetic modification, Feb 25th
      -- April 4-6 conference on biodiversity and biotechnology
Patent donations (SBC --> UTexas) next tax accounting scandal?
      -- Are patent donations (like SBC --> UT) next tax accounting scandal?
      -- Ralph Nader criticizes software patents
      -- Don't steal PTO fees - cut technology fraud in US budget
Disney, Apple ridiculed; Brobeck; SupremeCrt; DVDs; NTP/RIM
      -- German Patent Office seeking copyright fees from PC makers
      -- Disney ridiculed in comic strip "Foxtrot"
      -- New Scientist ridicules Apple patent application
      -- A possible new form of nuclear power
      -- Some gossip about the into-bankruptcy Brobeck
      -- Supreme Court review of patent cases for October 2002 term
      -- A new security loophole in DVD protection
      -- Some sarcasm about Bush economics
      -- PTO ordered reexam of NTP patents (re RIM) proving controversial
Transistor; Palm/Xerox; bizarre patent app; touching DNA
      -- Great story on history of transistor in New York Times
      -- Jones Day to merge with Gouldens
      -- Gossip on patenting in Singapore
      -- Validity of Xerox's handwriting patent to be reviewed
      -- Bizarre child adoption game show patent app from Uri Geller
      -- How to touch some DNA
      -- Two universities crackdown on copyright theft
Random news: Malaysia; EU patent; NBER; EU biopiracy paper
      -- Volunteer needed in Texas to file FOIA at UTexas
      -- Malaysian Patent Office to be corporatized
      -- More on the history of the invention of the transistor
      -- Update on Community Patent in Europe
      -- Nat. Bureau Economic Research Apr. workshop on innovation policy
      -- More on abuse of economic statistics by the government
      -- Letter critiquing EU paper on biopiracy and farmers' seeds
      -- UK Patent Office seeks advice to improve operations
      -- Red Herring magazine to cease publication
      -- Iran sues United States for giving bioweapons to Iraq in 1980s

January 2003

Another year of PATNEWS - some random news to start the year
      -- Broadcom buys 150 patent (apps) from Unova for $24 million
      -- A Japanese version of Instant Messenger
      -- Will Microsoft keep its Windows trademark?
      -- A new indigneous people's IP group formed
      -- Nice article on superconductor patents in December IEEE Spectrum
      -- European copyrights on 1950's music to expire in Europe
      -- United States still frustrating a Doha deal
      -- A law firm's outside-copier's employee steals DirectTV secrets
Is Motorola the next threat to the music industry?
      -- Instant messaging company posts analysis of AOL's IM patent
      -- Disney sues Blockbuster over profit-sharing contract
      -- Is Motorola the next threat to the music industry?
Dumb medical patent, or leave software patents alone
Ex-examiners talk about life at the PTO and outsourcing
      -- Ex-examiner complains about undesirable PTO working conditions
      -- Examiner suffers stroke while trying to make count?
      -- Problems with assigning SPEs to groups outside their expertise
      -- Examiners: either good lawyers or good searchers, but not both?
      -- Outsourcing good-searching examiners helps good-lawyer examiners
      -- ex-UK examiner argues to keep searching and examination together
      -- Some reasons why the vitamin pill / blood type patent was allowed
      -- Ex-examiner not sure who is going to pay for outsourced searches
Some interesting language in patent applications; seminars
      -- An interesting disclaimer in a patent application abstract
      -- "comprising the steps of" versus "comprising steps of"
      -- Another ex-examiner laments on PTO working conditions
      -- Boston seminar Jan 27th on European Patent prosecution/litigation
      -- Stanford seminar Jan 27th on IP strategies for startups
Feb. 27 conference on DRM at Berkeley; patenting in Turkey
      -- DRM conference at Berkeley - Feb.27 - Mar.1
      -- An update on patenting in Turkey
SBC asserts hyperlink patent?; DMCA fun; Microsoft/W3C patents
      -- Nature magazine, econophysics, and business as technical
      -- SBC Communications claiming structured-display hypertext links?
      -- DMCA used to sued garage door opener company
      -- Stern trademark letter-to the editor involving Technicolor
      -- Microsoft letter to W3C committee on proposed W3C patent policies
Daimler-Benz patents car door?; Lemelson; Global IP
      -- Kudos to AlstonBird and PerkinsCoie
      -- Daimler-Benz patents car door?
      -- Five Lemelson patents to be reexamined
      -- Update on new countries subscribing to global IP treaties
SBC's royalty table for hyperlink patent; goofy laws in Nebraska
A good example of hardware/software (patenting) equivalences
IETF IM working group complains about patents
      -- SCO Group hires Boies to see if Linux violating their IP
      -- IETF instant messaging working group complains about patents
      -- Rambus gets a partial victory from the Federal Circuit
      -- RIM/NTP soap opera continues - PTO to reexamine; Congress worried
Brobeck to dissolve; Rambus wins; Contract law prevails
      -- Rambus: CAFC tells committees to act more mature about IP
      -- CAFC rules that contract law can bar reverse engineering
      -- Brobeck, Phleger & Harrison to dissolve
      -- SCO denies aggressive intent with its Unix IP
      -- The economics of political prostit.ution

December 2002

Can one have non-specific Markush groups? Two other biz patents
Random biotechnology patent news
      -- Patent fee lawsuit delayed due to Eldred v. Ashcroft
      -- Eli Lilly sues Barr Laboratories over osteoporosis drug
      -- Canadian Supreme Court rules Harvard mouse can't be patented
      -- A comparsion of gene sequence patent databases
      -- Nice article in Science on new patent rules for German professors
      -- In reversal, United States signs U.N. treaty on plant genes
      -- Development projects must respect indigenous peoples' rights
      -- Six developing country generics send letter to WTO TRIPS council
Text of Canadian oncomouse case; Glaxo retains Canadian patent
Random patent news - claim language, DRM conference
      -- Dependent patent claim with strange claiming language
      -- Is "essentially" in bio patent contexts ill-defined?
      -- New York Merc gets prior art allowed in cases versus Cantor
      -- Comment on relationship between Eldred and patent fees lawsuit
      -- DRM conference at UCal Berkeley Feb27 - Mar1 2003
      -- More comments on Markush language with indefinite phrases
Australian High Court alters Internet lawsuit jurisdiction
      -- PTO to resume updating paper search files
      -- Defending Rep. Nancy Pelosi of San Francisco
      -- Joke circulating around Hewlett-Packard
      -- Australian High Court alters Internet lawsuit jurisdiction
      -- Australian advisory council report on business method patents
      -- Syngenta pulls out of seed research deal with university in India
General Electric claiming patents to JPEG
      -- General Electric claiming patents to JPEG
      -- Are there more IP jobs in Japan?
      -- WIPO guide to IP systems of 219 countries
      -- PTO public search room users to protest shorter hours
      -- Reexamination / industry standard squabble over Ball Grid Arrays
      -- PTO/EPO/JPO publish study on patenting 3D protein structures
      -- UK company kicked out of US software marketplace
Some random patent news near the end of the year
      -- DC gossip - PTO might not move offices due to Homeland Security
      -- Intergraph sues Dell, HP and Gateway over cache management
      -- Digital TV makers complaining about Zenith Electronics patent fees
      -- Japan expanding patenting to medical practices and technologies?
      -- Chicago Cubs sue rooftop businesses for copyright infringement
      -- AOL Time Warner gets two instant messaging patents
      -- Festo oral argument scheduled for 6 February 2002
      -- Pfizer loses a round in its battle over Norvasc
      -- Gilead Sciences to sell its new HIV drug at cost overseas
      -- Is the guv's "Total Information Awareness" program idiotic?
Prior art for the Instant Messaging patent; taxes v. 1st Amend?

November 2002

Patent fee diversion lawsuit hearing moved to DC on Nov. 14th
Will a software patent impact Microsoft more than open source?
TiVo/Sonicblue settle; 4835683 - being harrassed?; CBS sues ABC
      -- TiVo and Sonicblue drop patent lawsuits against each other
      -- Inventor complains about excessive copyright term
      -- Software and business patents in Israel
      -- US 4,835,683 being asserted - expert database report generation
      -- CBS sues ABC over "format, look and feel" of Survivor
Sony/Philips buy Intertrust; Harris gets $61 mil; MIT gets $30 mil
      -- Sony/Philips buy Intertrust (who were suing Microsoft over DRM)
      -- Jury awards Harris $61 million from Ericsson - Howrey Simon helps
      -- MIT gets $30 million from Dolby for digital audio technology
      -- October EU conference on patent insurance in Denmark
Are all patent examiners equal? A study by economists
No patents to be in Web standards; Lawsuit settlements; W3C
      -- Reconfigurable processor patents causing controversy
      -- Xircom and 3Com settle lawsuits by cross-licensing, 3Com gets $15 mil
      -- Cadence accepts $265 million from Avant/Synopsys for trade secrets
      -- InterTrust was bought for $453 million
      -- New patent litigation investment firm in Hong Kong
      -- Web consortium to not allow patented technology into standards
      -- PATNEWS reader provides free patent image download to PDF tool
New initiative for indigenous IP; Bioprospecting snafu in Tibet
      -- Indigenous Peoples to Launch a New Independent Initiative on IP
      -- Bioprospecting controversy in China and Tibet
Patent term reduction article in Tuesday's Wall Street Journal
Some thoughts on civil versus common law
German court decision rules for "Beauregard" claims
Judge Posner attacks software/business patents

October 2002

A brief history of confiscated patents in World War II
New controversial international ecommerce patent
PTO changing use of PCT apps not in English? PTO security report
Virtual conference patent application causing controversy
PTO gets IBM to give up restroom patent; notes from Eldred hearing
Free Protocols Foundation organizing against RIM patent
Biotech: lime juice; blowing pollen; India/UPOV; Schering
      -- Lime juice for chest pain patent wrankles biotech patent lawyers
      -- Modernizing Egypt's drug patent laws
      -- Dolly's Ian Wilmut to use human embryo cloning to make stem cells
      -- Canadian farmer's ongoing battle with Monsanto over GM seeds
      -- India joins UPOV
      -- South Pacific countries prepare model law for indigneous rights
      -- SEC checking out Schering-Plough over patent-related news
      -- A critique from GRAIN of FAO-CGIAAR seed trusteeship system
Free patent claims analysis tool from PATNEWS
Patents, copyright, illegal art, Europe, new patent classes
      -- PATNEWS' campaign on patent quality validated by IPO
      -- Harvard president, Stanford economist comments on patents
      -- Bob Dylan, Billy Joel and James Taylor sue
      -- Web site dedicated to 'illegal art'
      -- Transcripts of Eldred hearing at the Supreme Court
      -- European parliament hearing on software patents - Italians are anti
      -- Nov 14/15 Paris seminar on digital business and IP
      -- Oct. 24th talk on copyright at Xerox PARC
      -- Oct. 25th seminar on practical copyright issues in Boston
      -- PTO to introduce new patent classes based on European system
Patent litigation is getting ho_t, ho_t, ho_t
Has workaround of a narrow-patent led to a broad innovation?
Patents and Health Care conference this Thurs/Fri in Washington
      -- Powerpoint slide show from EPO about EPO software patent policy
      -- Word document on the latest statistics from PTO biotech group
      -- Martha Stewart gets sued --- for carving pumpkins?
      -- Prof. Marci Hamilton predicts Eldred/Lessig will lose
      -- Patents and Health care conference this week in Washington, DC
      -- Patent on picking up a --- scre_w
Outsourcing searching at USPTO and UKPO; PCT question; RIM
      -- Faster version of my claims analysis tool
      -- PTO examiner critiques PTO plans to outsource searching
      -- UK Patent Office to outsource searching and examination
      -- Some more gossip on the RIM patents and lawsuit
      -- A question about extended deadlines under PCT Chapter II

September 2002

Economic engineering as a patentable technology
Ninth anniversary of PATNEWS - and nine more years to come!!!
      -- Reflections on the last nine years of PATNEWS
      -- My lawsuit is still going on and on and on and on .....
      -- A new PATNEWS website to be launched in November
      -- My speaking engagements in the next six months
      -- Formal publishing of my IP awards data
      -- Upcoming release of my patent claims analysis tool
      -- First PATNEWS-sponsored conference fall 2003
Will patent law firms start suing each other????
      -- Gossip: is the PTO going to reexamine Katz patents?
      -- Will patent law firms start suing each other????
      -- San Fran patent lawyer Michael Jacobs sues junk emailers
      -- 11 Brobeck Phleger IP partners jump to Dewey Ballantine
      -- Corporate patent lawyer complains about his accountants
      -- Free Webcast of talk on international patenting by Intel lawyer
UN to ban cloning? UK reports criticize bio patents
      -- Article on the effects of Bayh-Dole
      -- United Nations treaty to ban human cloning - Sept. 24 meeting
      -- UK bioethics council questions benefits of DNA patents
      -- UK reports find IP rights hurt developing countries
Interestingly claimed business method patent; Bushies antics
Mexico anti-germplasm patent bill; Ethics of gene patenting
      -- Eli Lilly sues Teva Pharmaceuticals over schizophrenia drug
      -- Mexico drafting bill to ban patenting its germplasm
      -- Sept. 24th DC lecture on ethics of gene patenting
      -- Sept. 26th Boston lecture on what's new at the EPO
Hollywood's growing deep anger with Silicon Valley/Bellcos
      -- USPS most effective broadband supplier?
      -- Lack of mention of patents at USC entertainment law symposium
      -- Growing deep anger of Hollywood towards Silicon Valley
      -- USC keynote speech by the MPAA's Jack Valenti
      -- USC keynote speech by Warner Brother's CEO Barry Myer
      -- Letter from Silicon Valley's CEOs to Hollywood's CEOs
      -- MPAA is sued by 321 Studios over DVD copying software
      -- Interview with Howard Berman in the October Wired
      -- MPAA/RIAA/CEA - arrange donation of servers to Library of Congress!!
British Telecom abandons hyperlink patent; Holmes/Vornado
      -- More Bushie contempt for the patent system
      -- British Telecom abandons attempts to assert hyperlink patent
      -- Trademark applications starting to rise
      -- Holmes/Vornado - CAFC loses a bit of control over patent appeals
P2P filesharing companies invent new way to steal
      -- Japanese professor/US embassy exchange over business method patents
      -- MoFo video of Chisum on Festo
      -- Medtronic pays $175 million; Eli Lilly pays upto $325 million
      -- P2P filesharing companies invent new way to steal
      -- Japanese court rules that blue LED patents belong to company
      -- European companies file third challenge to Myriad's BRCA1 patents
      -- India wins patent challenge at EPO over jute fabrics

August 2002

Inventor successfully sues invention promotion company
BT lawsuit; cynicism about Festo; UK college patent fight
      -- Judge is dubious in British Telecom patent lawsuit
      -- CAFC insults poorly drafted claims in a patent
      -- An academic's cynicism about the impact of Festo
      -- Audio recording of roundtable on PTO fees now at APLF Web site
      -- Cambridge University seeking patent rights on faculty work
How are examiners allocated time for examinations?
      -- How are examiners allocated time for examinations?
      -- Another reexamination rejection of the Y2K patents
      -- Will Berman bill get Hollywood executives arrested in Australia?
      -- Cynicism about the cynicism of Festo complainers
FCC; Australia; A trivial mechanical (tool) patent?
US company trademarks name of tea - South Africans unhappy
Chinese DVD workaround; buy Integraph stock? Provisionals
      -- Chinese workarounds to the DVD patents
      -- LeapFrog stocks drops on news of patent lawsuit
      -- Web site for Daubert decisions
      -- Conference on patent insurance in Denmark in October
      -- A good time to buy Integraph stock?
      -- Comments on a recent PATNEWS story on provisionals patents
      -- More on lawsuits in the United Kingdom
Disney; Copyright Wars; Internet patent killed week it issues
      -- Disney sued over one of its copyright problems
      -- Law professor writes about the copyright wars
      -- Internet patent killed the week it issues
Are dangers of DMCA exaggerated? Silicon Valley lecture
      -- Leading copyright professor arrested over sex photos
      -- Declan McCullagh: Are dangers of DMCA exaggerated?
      -- Lecture: Valuing IP assets - this Thursday in Sunnyvale
Judge dismisses BT's hyperlink lawsuit against Prodigy
RIAA wins; ASCAP sues; Brobeck delays; provisionals; Festo
      -- Is Homer Simpson a master criminal?
      -- RIAA wins $136 million music copyright infringement case
      -- Springstein and Bon-Jove sue a bar for playing their music
      -- Brobeck pays first year associates to stay away for awhile
      -- Comments on how examiners search based on provisionals
      -- Another example for understanding doctrine of equivalents
PTO papers lawsuit; PTO fees lawsuit; silly GAO report; comments
      -- PTO sued to block destruction of patent/trademark paper copies
      -- Lawsuit against PTO fee increases goes to oral hearings stage
      -- NIH retreats on foreign grantee patenting
      -- GAO wastes resources issueing trivial report on foreign patenting
      -- More comments on Festo and provisionals

July 2002

An examiner complains about proposed PTO clasification changes
Yet another toylet patent, probably due to another coffee patent
      -- PTO reexamines method of swinging patent
      -- PTO issues another toilet patent while reexamining IBM toilet
      -- Business method patent on rolling a coffee pot across a table
Lots of information about proposed PTO fee changes
      -- PTO fee diversions is pure STEALING
      -- No fee changes until PTO coordinates with the CAFC
      -- PTO fee changes will significantly hurt universities
      -- Why is "Let's cut taxes" Bush Administration raising PTO taxes?
      -- Free spreadsheet for calculating impact of proposed fee changes
      -- Lawyer writes a critical view of some proposed fee changes
      -- Lawyer criticizes retroactive aspects of proposed fee changes
      -- AIPLA protest letter with regards to proposed fee changes
      -- Lawyer comments on AIPLA protest letter on fee changes
      -- July 25th teleconference on proposed fees sponsored by APLF
      -- No fee changes until PTO accounts for big projects waste
      -- PTO wasted money on PCT filing as well as PTO efiling
Popunder ad patent app busting; Konrad patents still busted
Using PATNEWS to crush a pending patent application
How and why Napster will be crushed
Biotech patent news: VC seminar; new job; Enzo Biochem; UPOV
      -- July 24 seminar on biotech funding trends and IP (Sunnyvale)
      -- October 17-18 seminar on using EPO electronic filing system
      -- Job: General Counsel for Bay Area microfluidics biotech company
      -- Lawyer comments on CAFC reversal in Enzo Biochem/Gen-Probe
      -- Article on working around gene patents
      -- Philippines signs UPOV into law - local groups protest US role
ABA recommendation on stem cell patents; EPO stem cell patent opp
Company (Forgent) claims its patent covers JPEG
      -- Patent application with 6,632 claims
      -- Forgent on the warpath with its patent on JPEG ?????
1000+ PTO examiners protest plans to outsource searching
Association of patent law firms opposes PTO fee increases
Speech by CAFC's Judge Michel at March Berkeley reform conference

June 2002

The PTO Commissioner is great!!!!!! The reforms, well, ????
More gossip from the PTO - where is the professional patent bar?
PATNEWS in England July 8-10; GMU patent law symposium
      -- Correction of message of Steven Weiner's slides
      -- PATNEWS at Univ. Bournemouth symposium on software IP - July 9th
      -- George Mason U symposium on Hot Topics in Patent Law - July 16th
      -- Boston seminar on Eli Lilly v. Barr Laboratories - June 18th
Bishops & cloning; PDF files of 300+ page PTO Master plan
Patents and the ITC; new PTO fees; ABA and CETA
      -- TODAY: Internet broadcast of talk on ITC and patented goods
      -- PTO proposes new fee schedule
      -- ABA to debate support for the constitutionality of CETA
      -- NSA's secure version of Linux relies on patented software?
Gemstar loses before the ITC; Complaint about PTO fees
      -- ITC rules Gemstar patents not infringed by imports
      -- How many pages in the average patent?
      -- Complaint about PTO fee changes
      -- Examiner complains about proposed changes
      -- Two patents, two inventors, but the same claim?
      -- Movies studios using Internet searcher for illegal movies
      -- Law professor writes about potential schism in Catholic church
Genentech; Gemstar; three new IP jobs; EPO patents; taxes and IP
      -- Genentech to pay $200 million in punitives
      -- Gemstar stock drops 39 percent after ITC patent ruling
      -- A couple of Bay Area IP jobs
      -- Japan/US academic technology transfer comparison
      -- Accelarated grant procedure for European patents
      -- July 11 Bay Area lecture on international tax aspects of IP

May 2002

New light bulb; PTO gossip; Open Standards patent policy
      -- New improvement to Edison's light bulb
      -- India builds prior art database
      -- Interesting observation about Senator Hollings and IP penalties
      -- PTO considering outsourcing international patent searching
      -- Study complains about inaccuracy of PTO trademark data
      -- Bruce Perens proposing an Open Standards patent policy
      -- Some more Judge Bork criticisms
Should claims be written as multiple sentences?
IBM's contempt for patent quality
More FTC/DOJ IP hearings; Weather Channel needs a patent lawyer?
      -- A questionable design patent from 1997
      -- A comment from Europe on US patent claims
      -- More FTC/DOJ IP hearings
      -- Weather Channel needs a patent lawyer?
VC funding lecture; Biotech patent fraud; EPC; Africa; Humouse
      -- Realnames goes out of business, complains about Microsoft
      -- May 29 Silicon Valley lecture on VC/Angels funding
      -- MJ Research accuses Caltech of patent fraud
      -- Article: Africa must protect its biological heritage
      -- Slovak Republic, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia join EPC
How to patent a stick; No patent quality progress in 60 years
      -- How to patent a stick
      -- No patent quality progress in 60 years
How useless sports patents? PTO not doing PCT bizmet searches?
      -- How useless are some sports patents?
      -- Is the PTO not doing business method PCT searches?
      -- Korean patent office saying PTO agrees to first-to-file
Infringement in Russia; Ken Starr and CAFC; Anti-patent editorial
      -- Ken Starr to represent Infineon before CAFC
      -- Patent infringement lawsuit in Russia
      -- Ease of software copyright piracy in Russia
      -- Editor-in-Chief of Electronic News blasts patent system
      -- Spanish Senate recommends delay in European software patent plans
Random news: InterTrust; PTO postcards; false physics; PTO fees
      -- Some updates to my table of IP money payments
      -- InterTrust gets $28.5 million from Sony Corporation
      -- Three Glaxo patents on Augmentin antibiotic ruled invalid
      -- Post Office mishandling postcards from the PTO
      -- Lawsuit over altered advertisement in "Spiderman"
      -- Comments on Ken Starr's and David Bois' patent competence
      -- Can a patent judge impose false physics in a lawsuit?
      -- Small company complains about patent threat
      -- August is National Inventor's month - support local library
      -- Patent ownership reverts back to US government in one case
      -- Beginning of complaints about new PTO fees
      -- Gelatine finger fools fingerprint identification
      -- Fired journalist sues Walt Disney and New York Post
      -- 'SIMPSONS' producer apologizes to city of Rio de Janeiro
Gossip from intellectual property law firms and the Bay Area
      -- Gunderson Dettmer Stough lays off eight associates
      -- Flehr Hohbach merges with Dorsey & Whitney - FH partner sues
      -- Cooley Godward's rise and fall in Fortune magazine
      -- Holland & Knight lays off over 200
      -- Skjerven Morrill shuts a few offices
      -- Wilson Sonsini clients suffers default judgment in patent case
      -- James Pooley of Milbank Tweed makes a jury video
      -- Silicon Valley patent lawyer guilty of soliticing underage sex
      -- Brobeck Phleger Harrison's legal turmoils - layoffs, firings, etc.
Substantial layoffs of PTO trademark attorneys???

April 2002

Did Judge Bork misstate patent policy at Festo hearing?
Encryption patent causing a controversy
A bunch of biotech patent news
      -- Indian company challenges French drug patent
      -- Cardiac Science sues Zoll Medical over heart defrib patents
      -- BPLA talk on FDA regulations on April 11th
      -- Native American Indians complaining about biopiracy
      -- South African tribe and South African government do a bio-deal
      -- March 28 conference on implementing the Doha declaration
PTO to reexamine bathroom patent - should reexamine swing patent
      -- PTO to reexamine bathroom reservation patent
      -- PTO should reexamine backyard swinging method patent
      -- Invention grace period introduced in Australia
      -- Noah Webster was for and against long copyrights
      -- Why patents/copyrights weren't controversial to founding fathers
      -- More Microsoft IP policy statements
      -- A defense of Judge Bork
Are PTO budget forecasts inaccurate? PTO/FDA/SEC underfunded?
Random patent news: Intouch, swinging, FTC/DOJ, Canavan gene
      -- Two of five Intouch patent claims are invalidated
      -- That swinging patent and Minneapolis lawyers
      -- More FTC/DoJ IP hearings this week
      -- Four (patent) law firms make Top 100 best places to work
      -- A rendering of the first Star Wars movie in ASCII
      -- A question about the canavan gene patent in Israel
      -- A scary OMB proposal
      -- "Copyright and the Visual Artist" lecture NYC - April 23rd
IBM is threatening Web standard with software patent
Bio-deal between Malaysia and Japan; Judge Bork; Halliburton
      -- Interesting Supreme Court comment on Judge Bork
      -- Doctors Without Borders forming non-profit drug industry
      -- Malaysia/Japan in deal for drug bio-prospecting
      -- Halliburton loses another case - $98 million in patent damages
      -- Invent a new bridge
More Supreme Court and Judge Bork patent gossip; IBM says no
      -- More gossip on the Supreme Court's reaction to Festo
      -- Another critique of Judge Bork's Festo testimony
      -- IBM announces it won't be seeking royalties on Web standard

March 2002

German semantics of "technical"; France; European grace period
      -- France or America - who invented AIDS test first?
      -- An explanation of the German semantics of "technical"
      -- French government criticizes recent software directive
      -- March 14 meeting in London on EC grace period
      -- W3C endorses patent royalty-free standard for Internet
1-click case over; KMART royalties; e-filing; Intertrust
      -- Amazon and Barnesandnoble settle patent lawsuit
      -- Publisher sued for recipe copyright violation
      -- Trademarks used as a feature in a telephone ad
      -- Court reports on royalties KMART pays to Martha Stewart
      -- Pam Samuelson March 13 lecture on statistics of innovation and R&D
      -- New book on Richard Stallman and free software
      -- Text of decision in false testimony patent case
      -- Complaint from lawyer about patent e-filing at the PTO
      -- Intertrust sues Microsoft yet again
      -- Bad software patent that cites a LOT of prior art
Glaxo; Pixar; HR1332; IBM; Nokia; Microsoft; EC; Leahy and DRM
      -- Glaxo Augmentin patents ruled invalid - expect stock drop
      -- Pixar sues Exluna over animation patents
      -- Dumb business method patent legislation introduced
      -- Interview with IBM researcher on IBM patents and Linux
      -- Nokia patents being used against in cancer lawsuit
      -- Amazon removes call for patent reform from its Web site
      -- Some Microsoft comments on its DotNet patents
      -- German politician against EC software patent directive
      -- Comment on PTO electronic patent filing
      -- Leahy vows Senate will not pass digital rights bill this year
      -- ACM opposes digital rights legislation
      -- Observations about Intel testimony on digital rights legislation
German Pat.Off. supports software/business patents
An explanation of the Festo decision and appeal
More comments on Festo
IP in comics; Pixar/Exluna; district judges and CAFC; Knuth; DVD
      -- Doonesbury comic strip on copyright piracy
      -- 1911 Encyclopedia Britannica entry on patent law
      -- German patent lawyer theory on evolution
      -- More on Pixar's lawsuit against Exluna
      -- District court judges complain about the CAFC
      -- Computer science guru Donald Knuth's comments on software patents
      -- Academic study of value of patents
      -- DVD-patent owners threaten to sue Chinese manufacturers
      -- Another lesson on patents and torts
      -- AOL/Intel joint statement on digital copyright infringement
Did Nakamura lie in his blue LED patent applications?
Defense of the CAFC; UK patent; EPO memo; more Festo comments
      -- A defense of the CAFC and criticism of district judges
      -- A question on the 2002 PTO budget
      -- UK court allows foreign computer server to infringe UK patent
      -- EPO repeats its lack of interest in business method patents
      -- A comment on Festo and grandfathering's decreasing popularity
      -- A comment on Festo and narrow claiming

February 2002

Supreme Court/CAFC; UK grace period; FTC IP hearings
      -- Intertrust (now suing Microsoft) lays off half of staff
      -- SF's Brobeck cuts staff first time in 76 years
      -- Bayer sues Chiron, including for patent problems
      -- Are Supreme Court IP decisions better than CAFC decisions?
      -- Comment on patent quality from patent examiner
      -- UK Patent Office seeking comments on adopting grace period
      -- Cardozo Symposium on Traditional Knowledge and IP - 21/22 Feb.
      -- FTC hearings on IP and antitrust in February and March
      -- Comment from a patent lawyer on divisionals and CAFC
Software/hardware patent quality still slowly dropping
PTO - standardize in MPEP examiner's use of obscenities!!!
UCal Berkeley Conference on Patent Reform, March 1/2
      -- Eastman Kodak sues Sun Microsystems over Java
      -- UCal Berkeley Conference on Patent Reform, March 1/2
      -- Does the butt kicking patent need a butt kick out of the PTO?
      -- French Socialist Party opposes software patents
      -- ABA opposition to UCITA
Kodak/Sun; Patents and torts; HP; Microsoft; Intouch
      -- The three patents Kodak is using to sue Sun over Java
      -- Patents used in tort cases - any examples?
      -- Hewlett Packard document on patenting at HP
      -- Invalidating a Microsoft software patent
      -- Microsoft complains about German free software petition
      -- A lament about patent litigation
      -- McData sues Brocade over network traffic measurement patent
      -- Intouch settles with another company
      -- Judge harshly criticizes patent plaintiff and legal counsel
      -- Patent counsel position in California's wine country
Japan patent law reform; critiques of Lessig's "Creative Commons"
      -- European Commission software patent proposal resolves nothing
      -- Japan patent law update aims to protect Net companies
      -- Critiques of Lessig's new "Creative Commons" proposal
Random patent news: FTC hearings, IBM, comments on EC proposal
      -- Interesting use of the word "obvious" in a claim
      -- Summary of FTC/DOJ Intellectual Property Hearings
      -- I am speaking at FTC hearings in Berkeley
      -- IBM's annual revenues from IP licensing
      -- Using patents in tort cases
      -- Annual Industry Forum on International Patent Litigation
      -- Comments from European student on recent EC patent proposal
Random patent news: gallium nitride; PTO complaints
      -- I will be writing for new IP column in IEEE Spectrum
      -- Palm ordered to post $50,000,000 bond in Xerox patent dispute
      -- University support for a patent grace period in Europe
      -- NBER workshop on innovation policy and the economy, 4/16, D.C.
      -- Complaint about incompetence of PTO Advisory Boards
      -- Complaint about lack of interference checking, kudos for TIFF

January 2002

IBM's crappiest crapping patent; recent dumb software patent
Lessig's critique of PATNEWS critique of Lessig's new book
Festo; Masons and transportation technology; Lessig defense
      -- Observations on the Festo hearing
      -- Stock investment with a patent play
      -- Patents for 4000 human proteins filed
      -- Electronic Arts sues Hebrew University of Jerusalem
      -- Cornell sues Hewlett Packard
      -- The role of Masons in US transportation breakthroughs
      -- When was the crash first predicted?
      -- A patent lawyer defends Lessig
      -- Republic of Korea accedes to the UPOV convention
Patent lawyer caught being naughty???
Acacia/Hosier/Niro; critiques of Lessig defender; UCITA revisions
      -- Geron gives up some rights to WARF's stem cell patents
      -- Taiwan companies' patent activities rapidly expanding
      -- Second round of layoffs at San Jose's Skjerven Morrill
      -- Golf balls and patent philosophy
      -- Igen wins $505 million from Roche
      -- Harris doesn't win $271 million over analog phone patent
      -- Adobe has to pull copyrighted software out of its product
      -- About the Acacia stock recommendation - their lawyers? Hosier/Niro
      -- Data on biotech patents available on Web
      -- Critiques of lawyer who defended Lessig in recent PATNEWS
      -- Richard Stallman complains about use of "GPL"
      -- Some reactions to the new UCITA revisions
Festo hearing in PDF; China/Monsanto; China/Adobe; Microsoft/SGI
      -- PDF transcript of Supreme Court hearing on Festo
      -- New book on women inventors
      -- discussion on bad patents
      -- China upset with Monsanto patent application on soybeans
      -- Piracy to push Adobe out of China?
      -- Microsoft buys SGI's 3D software patents for $62,500,000???
      -- WIPO Copyright Treaty enters into force with Gabon accession
Aurigin out of business?; MP3 sues Cooley Godward; Intouch wins
      -- Fellow Brandeis graduate slain at Virginia law school
      -- F_ckedcompany reports that Aurigin is shut down by investors
      -- sues Cooley Godward for $175 million
      -- Stroock & Stroock sued for patent malpractice
      -- Strange letter in a Geron stem cell patent filewrapper?
      -- Boston Patent Law Association lecture on the EPO
      -- Some gossip on European patent courts
      -- Intouch settles with Amazon over music downloading patents
Pre-IPO biopatent job; Sloppiest patent of the year award
      -- PTO fees to be stolen again in 2003 for the defense budget
      -- Pre-IPO biopatent law position in the Bay Area
      -- Patent issues that had to be written under massive amounts of drugs
      -- Sloppiest patent of the year 2000 award to patent 6,107,147
      -- Letter from Stephan Kinsella to critical lawyer
      -- Spring Copyright Conference - Los Angeles Copyright Society
      -- CAFC planning to eliminate patent application divisionals?
Lament from an ex-PTO chemical examiner
      -- Lament from an ex-PTO chemical examiner
      -- Forbes magazine criticizes the PTO for throwing away old patents
      -- Complaint from a PATNEWS reader about a dumb patent
      -- Lawyers argue that recent CAFC divisional laches decision is fine
      -- Bayer CEO does some good PR on CNNfn
      -- Doctors Without Borders illegally importing AIDS drugs to S. Africa
      -- Valero Energy, sued, to challenge Unocal gasoline patents
      -- PTO to reexamine second Unocal patent
      -- Boston Patent Law talk on inhouse counsel communication protection
      -- Germany changing patent rights for university employees
      -- EC report on legal protection of biotech inventions
      -- More on the Aurigin bankruptcy
      -- A good Argentine insult

December 2001

Critique of politically motivated German software patent study
Random patent news: Lehman, Rogan, Microsoft, BT
      -- Complaint about pork barrel grant to Bruce Lehman
      -- Congrats to James Rogan - the next PTO commissioner
      -- PTO can change some of its rules without public notice
      -- Drafting patent claims for political-science-major judges?
      -- Synopsys to pay $769 million for Avant
      -- Question on Markman hearings and Special Masters
      -- Microsoft complains opening its source code violates copyright law
      -- British Telecom gets court date for its hyperlink patent
      -- Patent lawyer sentenced for insider trading
Random patent news: layoffs, Synopsys insurance, Lehman, PTO
      -- Venture Law Group reduces associates salaries
      -- Brobeck pays severance pay to 82 associates
      -- Synopsys paid $335 million for $500 million insurance re Avant
      -- Another complaint about Lehman, and complaints about the PTO
      -- More on Post Office screwups with PTO Express Mail
Biotech patent news: Bay Area IP job, German stem cells, seeds
      -- Biotech associate General Counsel job in the Bay Area
      -- German ethics council backs stem cells
      -- Baylor School of Medicine sues Clontech
      -- EPO mostly upholds patent on microarrays
      -- Supreme Court upholds patents on seeds
      -- Wall Street bombing in 1920
      -- Jack Valenti to ask China to crack down on copyright piracy
Critique of Lessig's "Future of Ideas"
Random patent news & happy holiday wishes
      -- MIT's 2001 eBusiness awards to ...... Napster and Enron??
      -- Recent example of a pure non-technology business method patent
      -- Delayed Express Mail packages getting to the PTO
      -- PTO examiner objects to complaint that they churn out patents
      -- Australian court rules that DVDs are not software
      -- Example of Internet RFC protocol citing patents
      -- Bills introduced to deal with state IP infringement
      -- Two year prison term for copying Intel trade secret
      -- Broadcom cleared of infringing Intel patent
      -- Law professors file a brief amicus curiae for Eldred v. Aschroft
      -- Auction patent protects dropped in Australia
      -- Another unenforceable stock market trading patent
Random patent news at the end of the year
      -- Did Honeywell settle because of Festo's strength?
      -- Palm to appeal ruling upholding Xerox's patent
      -- Keytronic in trouble after loosing trade secret case
      -- More on that purely method business method patent
      -- Lawyer responds to examiner's response to lawyer's lament
      -- Some notes from a recent PTO Patent Advisory Board meeting
      -- PTO updates guidance on dealing with mail deliveries
      -- EU leaders in new push over community patent

November 2001

More on why business methods are technical
Debates in India over the IP of plant protection and farmers
Random patent news: W3C; German PO
      -- Good article on patients patenting their genes
      -- Notes to meeting of W3C working group on patent policy
      -- Intertrust lays off 40% of their employees
      -- Some gossip from the German Patent Office
      -- Should PTO rely on proprietary technology for e-filings?
Don't use the word "entrepreneur", or be sued?????
Random news - FTC & IP, DVDs as software, German IP
      -- FTC pretending to have hearings on IP and antitrust in December
      -- Are employee patent rights hurting EMC?
      -- Stock and patent problems at SureBeam
      -- Microsoft not offering Xbox music royalties
      -- Warner Home Video claims DVDs are software in Australia
      -- Device that squeezes TV for more commercials causing uproar
      -- German study on software patents released
      -- Reproduction photographs not copyrightable in Germany
      -- Drastic changes to the German Act on Employees Inventions
      -- WIPO accuses Novartis AG of "abusive" domain registrations
US Postal Service suspends Express Mail to the PTO - SCREWUP
Dumb business method patent of the month
Notes from the Cato Institute "Future of IP" conference
Language problems and the EU patent; PTO budget; claim meaning?
      -- UCal Berkeley Boalt Dec. 14 symposium on patent harmonization
      -- McChina restaurant beats trademark challenge from McDonalds
      -- House/Senate approve PTO budget - Brucey gets his million
      -- More questions on Express Mail problems at the PTO
      -- How do the courts interpret US patent claims?
      -- Language problems frustrate European patent reform
      -- Some European patent lawyers prefer lots of languages

October 2001

New genomics IP job; one of the first patents in history
      -- Copyright/business method papers at my Web site
      -- Update on my lectures in Dublin and London
      -- New IP job - agricultural genomics in San Diego
      -- One of the first patents in history
      -- Israeli patent office falling apart, literally
      -- Health/Human Rights leaders call for international ban on cloning
Cato Institute conference on the Future of IP - Nov. 14th
Notes from Patinnova 2001 in Cardiff
Protest over handling of paper trademark files at the PTO
Random patent news - cloning, employee-inventors, TiVo sued
      -- Phone switching systems and a mortician inventor
      -- The profits in cloning farm animals
      -- Sony buys 18.6% of Square for $124 million
      -- EETimes article on employee-inventors and patent royalties
      -- Pause Technology sues TiVo in the United Kingdom
      -- Bing Crosby's estate sues for music royalties
      -- San Jose-based Skjerven Morrill laid off 11 associates
      -- Europeans fighting Myriad Genetics BRCA1 breast cancer gene
Random news - Affymetrix/Hyseq; MGM; Netcentive's IP auction
      -- Kudos to PTO examiner Jean Homere
      -- PTO response to World Trade Center bombings
      -- Affymetrix and Hyseq settle their patent disputes
      -- MGM licenses 1121 movies for 10 years for $100+ million
      -- Pam Samuelson's doubts on business method patents
      -- Netcentives' online incentive patents up for auction
Digital Rights Management patents for sale

September 2001

Lots of random patent news; Festo, Avanti, Motorola, MIT/Sony
      -- Downsizing at Bay Area law firms
      -- IEEE IP Committee files Festo brief
      -- Bush administration files Festo brief asking for reversal
      -- Puerto Rican inventor sues government over theft of patent fees
      -- Motorola seeking 100s of GaAs-on-Silicon patents
      -- MIT sues Sony over digital television patents
      -- Comment on agricultural IP from UNESCO scientist
      -- LA medical center sues Genentech for more payments over insulin
      -- How useless is the Internet, or are Americans better off since 1900?
      -- Business Week article on Avanti's IP theft and convictions
      -- Avanti sued yet again by Sequence Design and Silicon Valley Research
      -- Dinner meeting on criminalizing commercial IP disputes - Palo Alto
      -- Another source code theft lawsuit
      -- Boston breakfast seminar on the EPO
      -- Federal Trade Commission to investigate Unocal patent
Random patent news - big win, WIPO contest, UPOV, human cloning
      -- Two inventors win $116 million for emergency escape ladder
      -- Wierdly written Cisco networking patent
      -- Houghton Mifflin sues Jews for Jesus over copyrights
      -- Australia adopted State Street philosophy this summer
      -- Dixie Chicks trio sues Sony for $4 million copyright royalties
      -- Intellectual Property Counter-WIPO Essay Contest
      -- Nicaragua Accedes to UPOV under US pressure
      -- Boston 9/21-22 conference for global ban against human cloning
Random news: Fenwick layoffs; silly patent; IP history conf.
      -- Fenwick and West fires 32 attorneys
      -- Japanese engineer sues company for more royalties for blue LEDs
      -- URL for Australian decision adopting State Street logic
      -- Intel sues Via Technologies over Pentium 4 processors
      -- Silly patent, or can a special effect in a movie be 103 prior art?
      -- Complaint about biotech patent examination
      -- Oct 5/6 UCal Berkeley Conference on the History of IP
      -- New digital copyright protection bill introduced by Hollings
      -- IP and multimedia copyright meeting in New York on Sept. 24
Greg in Europe in October; UN Resolution on IP and TRIPS
Art using a patent;
      -- Canadian artist uses a patent theme in a work of art
      -- Patent issued to death row inmate
      -- Lawyer sues to get at some PTO Board of Patent Appeals decisions
      -- A bit of PTO gossip from a visitor
      -- Via hits back with countersuit against Intel
      -- FTC to probe Sun and Rambus
      -- Phily Federal Reserve bank seeking papers on financial services IP
      -- Explanation of Australian court decision for business method patents
Napster; Example of IPO filing with patent commentary
EPO/China IP symposium; Webvan sells software for $2.5 million
      -- Watch out for your "and" and/or "or" in your claims
      -- Webvan sells its software for $2.5 million
      -- EPO/China symposium on Industrial Property in China
      -- Pro-Napster-ish bill introduced in Congress
      -- More silly language in a Microsoft license
      -- Strip joint profits funding medical research at Stanford
      -- A workaround announced for Qualcomm's CDMA patents?
Greg's October European lecture trip
Problems with electronic filing at the PTO

August 2001

Netcentives; music protection scheme hacked
      -- Netcentives lays off half of its employees
      -- Unaffordable drugs in developing countries
      -- Another music protection scheme gets hacked
Music royalties; Monsanto upsetting farmers again; Festo
      -- Metricom auctioning off its Ricochet wireless patents
      -- Paper on using patent law to protect open source efforts
      -- Music webcasting royalty arbitration at the Copyright Office
      -- Web music services face antitrust investigation
      -- Web music services face patent infringement charges
      -- Monsanto upsetting farmers once again
      -- Does Festo make dangerous foreigner's claim translations?
A complaint about lawyers, examiners, SPEs and MPEP
New IP job in Bay Area; Trademark Office suggestion
      -- New IP job in Bay Area
      -- Trademark Office suggestion
      -- Interesting unreasonable Office Action rejection
      -- ABA decides to support, ah ......., business method patents
Microsoft/Open Source & patents; DMCA resources
      -- An article on Microsoft's patents and open source
      -- List of online resources to learn more about DMCA
Casino patent lawsuit; Open source news; new copyright service
      -- Harrah's casino sues rival over patent infringement
      -- Patents a new economic leading indicator?
      -- Patent law firms in Silicon Valley adjusting to downturn
      -- Richard Stallman objects to being associated with open source
      -- New open source movement for music
      -- European manufacturers say copyright levies on equipment hurts sales
      -- SIIA launches new copyright registration service
      -- A new Web browsing privacy package
A pure crappy drivel pathetic MPEG patent asserted by TechSearch
EPO/PCT refuses to search business method patents
Random news: Federal Reserve, SBA, EPO, Israel, PrePub, UCITA, DoJ
      -- A new biotech IP job in San Diego
      -- Federal Reserve meeting on intellectual property this week
      -- A question on dealing with some invalidating prior art
      -- Canadian city considering applying for patents
      -- Sen. Kerry introduces bill to subsidize overseas patent filing
      -- Lawyer complains about EPO search slowdowns
      -- Patent statistics from Israel
      -- Searching US pre-publications becoming more useful
      -- ABA reexamining UCITA
      -- Another movie encryption system broken
      -- Ridiculous computer security prosecution by the Justice Department

July 2001

Two reviews of the Hague Jurisdiction conference
Illegal prime number; Sweden; Hague; France; EC/EU; Indonesia
      -- U.S. Patent 6,069,131 should have cited 5,438,043
      -- More info on book on patenting software in Europe
      -- Can a prime number be illegal under copyright law?
      -- Doonesbury comic strip mentioning Internet intellectual property
      -- File Swedish design patents online
      -- Law professor's counter to Love's review of Hague Conference
      -- March: French minister comes out against software patents
      -- Europe loosening language requirements for patents
      -- EU orders IMS Health to license medical database
      -- Changes in Indonesian IP laws
Guidant wins $140M; RAID patent lawsuit; Some Festo strategy
      -- View travel through a black hole
      -- Protein database
      -- Guidant wins $140,000,000 from St. Jude over defibrillators
      -- Storage Computer suing Seagate/XIOtech/Hitachi over RAID patents
      -- Aimster sued by music publishers and songwriters
      -- India halts the sale of transgenic cotton seeds
      -- Exchange between lawyers on a Festo strategy
More comments from lawyers on Festo
Nursing carts; PTO after-final actions problem?; Festo
      -- Patent infringement lawsuit over nursing carts
      -- PATNEWS reader laments on trying to get after-final actions
      -- Festo and prior art searching
      -- New PTO CIO has tough-love for his staff :-)
      -- A complaint about how EPO handles some types of patents
      -- Festo, lawyer liability, and claim handling
Life patenting in Europe
      -- European Court of Justice okays life patenting directive
      -- Pharmas steal another plant, the Hoodia cactus
      -- EU tables proposals to ease access to drugs for needy countries
      -- UPOV/WIPO attack Africa's Model Law on rights to biodiversity
Kodak/Filenet; Canadian copyright; British infringement rules
      -- Stanford Law School Securities Class Action database
      -- Former FTC policy director complains about patents and standards
      -- Kodak wins $4 million from FileNet
      -- Web site for inventing in the Ukraine
      -- Canadian government to modernize copyright legislation
      -- Nasty IBM spurs British parliament to toughen infringement rules
      -- Some comments on software IP in Brazil
EPO tables ESC patent apps; book review;
      -- PTO speeds up Web access to patent databases
      -- EPO puts embryonic stem cell patent applications on hold
      -- Good book for managers: "Patent Strategy for Researchers"
      -- Jury awards $39 million in trademark case
      -- Article from WSGR on the FTC, Patents and Antitrust
      -- Another prespective on Microsoft and Open Source
      -- Russian hacker arrested in Las Vegas under the DMCA act
      -- Why we have sex
      -- Will the EData patent never get killed like it should?
PTO eliminating paper files; EPO filings up; Festo intro
      -- List of articles on patents in recent journals
      -- Lawsuit payments: Avant, Xilinx/Altera, Medtronic/BostonScientific
      -- PTO patent image handling system having problems
      -- PTO starting to eliminate paper search files
      -- PTO reducing public access to trademark files
      -- EPO filings up 16% to 142,940 applications
      -- Business patent lawsuit filing last month
      -- A nice explanation of the details of the Festo case
      -- IP hypocrisy from an anti-IP group targeting WIPO
Update on PTO problems; German software patent court decisions
Israeli patent law; generic drug business method patent
      -- Israeli Supreme Court recognizes contributory infringement
      -- Does business method patent prevent generic drug competition?
      -- Patents in the late 1800's
Congress to give Bruce Lehman $1,000,000 ??????
      -- Congress to give Bruce Lehman $1,000,000 ??????
      -- More Internet documents on patent history
      -- Germany to adopt a version of Bayh-Dole?
Sex scandal in the Patent Office (okay, it was in 1887)
      -- 1887 sex scandal at the Patent Office
      -- EPO to drop PCT-light effort?
      -- News on business method patents being submitted to EPO
      -- Damages in the Cadence trade secret theft case (against Avanti)
      -- Comments from German judge on evolution of their software patenting
      -- Open sourcers don't understand economics
      -- "TRIPS-PLUS" treaties leave WTO in the dust

June 2001

Some ancedotal stories about patent history in Germany
Exactly how is EPO downgrading PCT searches?
PATNEWS back - Gemstar, PTO, Microsoft, PCT, IBM, Lemelson
      -- I win my trademark protest against "Patent Busters"
      -- Justice Department investigating Gemstar for antitrust
      -- PTO reduces examiner turnover percentages
      -- Energy - does Washington DC take the Patent Office seriously?
      -- Microsoft introduces anti-GPL license into its licenses
      -- Will Microsoft get LH's voice recognition technology/patents?
      -- More on EPO's PCT searches from EPO examiner
      -- Pitney Bowes wins $400 million from HP, sues 8 more companies
      -- Great irony from IBM's ads promoting Linux
      -- CEO Cognex's letter to the editor about Lemelson
Philippine backdoor to US patent; EPO/PCT gossip; DMCA harsh?
Did patenting inspire the Theory of Special Relativity?
New fund to invest in patents; mice; kudos BrinksHofer; UCITA
      -- New Japanese fund to invest in patents
      -- Pricing transgenic mice
      -- Kudos to BrinksHofer
      -- More on the ugliness of UCITA

May 2001

An ex-examiner's complaints about everyone and lack of quality
Random intellectual property news
      -- Aimster sues the RIAA
      -- Brazil AIDS chief denounces Bush position on drug patents
      -- French patent official criticizes US software patent quality
      -- IBM and Microsoft fighting each other, using Linux as a weapon
      -- Ex-congressman Rogan to be next Patent Commissioner?
      -- EFF Releases Public Music License to Promote Audio Freedom
      -- Corporate patent lawyers respond to ex-examiners complaints
Coble/Berman warn Godici over paper files; EPO examiners strike
EPO strike; UCITA; Beatles; French PO; drug licensing; GAO study
      -- PTO pendency to rise to 38 months by 2006
      -- EPO had a one day strike Tuesday May 8th
      -- Dan Gillmor article denouncing UCITA
      -- Intel sues Intelsat for trademark infringement
      -- Judge reverses jury finding of infringement - Xilinx/Altera
      -- Michael Jackson selling Beatles songs for $700,000,000
      -- Comments on French Patent office from French patent attorney
      -- Bill introduced for compulsory licensing of prescription drugs
      -- GAO study on small business patenting behavior in foreign markets
Pat scammers guilty; Australian inventing education materials
      -- Intel's Science fair students filing lots of patents
      -- Good explanation of copyright issues re Napster
      -- Online music company Gracenote sues Roxio
      -- Three invention promotors plead guilty to scam
      -- Problems with PTO trademark application address changes
      -- Australians offer inventing education materials
      -- Coble/Berman considering opposition process?
      -- IFPI unveils Napster-policing search tool
      -- Should pure mathematical algorithms be patented?
Patent lawyers criticize 10-20 IDS refs lament from examiner
Patent reform being rushed through Congress once again
      -- Harsh words at Berman's hearing on patent quality and fees
      -- Alert on rushed patent reform - opposition process, business methods
      -- Some comments about the harmful effects of Festo on inventors
PTO hiring freeze?;
      -- Anyone not get a PATNEWS Monday?
      -- Examiner hiring/hours freeze at the PTO?
      -- Conference against human genetic engineering, Boston Sep. 2001
      -- Intel target of lots of infringement lawsuits
      -- Will Monsanto farmers to sue each other?
      -- Two interesting IP lawyers - poker and cross dressing
      -- New book on African slaves role in American rice farming
Microsoft; EPO reducing ISA/IPEA workload; Wind Done Gone

April 2001

Previo publicizes patent lawsuit with full page newspaper ad
Patent world - boycott Microsoft's .NET technology
Microsoft; Hank Barry; Monthly atrocious business method patent
BIO IP jobs;
      -- Bio IP jobs in the Bay Area
      -- Washington Monthly article on the politics of gene patents
      -- University complains about corporate MTA request
      -- International coalition forming to oppose human cloning
      -- Generic drug games in Canada with Zoloft
      -- Consumer groups sue over generics
      -- Approval of a generic form of Taxol is challenged
      -- Canadian Bill to extend some patent duration to comply with TRIPS
      -- Eating fatty foods may be not so bad a thing to enjoy
Free patent portfolio analysis tool; latest list of awards
Random patent news - INTA; Ecuador; movie pirating; California
      -- I am accepting INTA party invitations!!!!
      -- Six Greg lectures - Berkeley, Dallas, San Francisco, New York, Wales
      -- Ecuador joins the PCT
      -- Patent on stopping pirating of movies over theater screens
      -- Reselling used computer games now allowed in Japan
      -- Good new book on US copyright policy
      -- Inventors of the ZIP code, smiley face, die
      -- Room temperature superconducting bucky peapods?
      -- Princeton students bust Narin's patent
      -- Some great sarcasm from California about California
Dutch examiners strike; Developments and review of Festo
A festive Festo pun; City of New Orleans getting into patents
EPO examiner complains; Dickinson to Howrey; Festo; Microsoft
      -- Munich EPO examiner complains about working conditions
      -- EPO to stop examining PCT applications?
      -- Todd Dickinson to join Howrey, Simon, Arnold and White
      -- Another Festo twin paradox
      -- Boston BPLA lecture on Festo
      -- More on Microsoft's overly reaching .NET license
      -- Pornography, GM, and marketing wimps at Yahoo
International farmers against patenting life forms
Music royalies; Online legal forms; Japan; Hotel porn profits

March 2001

Napster; Br.Tel. patent; Idealab; 1879 murder over denture patent
      -- Napster: do district court assess truth of technology statements?
      -- Anyone have the Mastercard/VISA State Street amicus brief?
      -- Questionable trademark application growth rates from PTO?
      -- More prior art to attack the British Telecom hyperlink patent
      -- Bolton's lawyer is also the RIAA's lawyer?
      -- Idealab to patent a new method for Internet domain extensions
      -- Great article on late 1800s murder over patent on dentures
Bay Area IP job; Boies; Antitrust critique in view of Microsoft
Napster, music, Internet technology, etc.
      -- New preliminary injunction given to Napster Monday
      -- File blocking technology - why didn't Napster do it a year ago?
      -- No technical advisors to the Napster district court?
      -- Some humor during Friday's injunction hearing
      -- Article on musicians split over Napster
      -- Vivendi's contempt towards Napster's percentages
      -- Important role of music retailers and distributors
      -- Peter Gabriel setting up new music distribution company
      -- Another "The Boondocks" cartoon on DeCSS
      -- Arrent warrant issued for ex-owner of sex Web site
      -- Article on David Boies
Breaking open sources licenses; What's NetZero claiming?
PTO flushes Rozmanith patent down the toilet
PATNEWS back online, with new features to come
Comments from author whose economics paper I criticized
A critique of Bessen/Maskin's innovation and patents paper
Biotech news: Biotech IP job; NAS conf.; stem cells; UPOV
      -- Biotech patent attorney positions in the Bay area
      -- April 17th NAS workshop on Academic IP
      -- Article on corporate buying of UCal. research institutions
      -- Sexing the sex of spinach (lift the plant's pants?)
      -- Christian groups ask court to halt federal stem cell funding
      -- Open Source patent downloading tool
      -- Minn. meeting on Genetic Engineering and the Environment
      -- UPOV - Asian governments selling out their plant IP resources?
      -- July seminar on biomedical patent law in the Netherlands
      -- April 17th - International Day of Farmer's Struggle
Letter from pharma CEO whose drug advertisement I criticized
Diet drug being promoted using Patent Office's goodwill
Bad golf patent?; Bad disk patent is asserted in lawsuit?
Costa Rican genetics; law firms' business drops; unusual claim
      -- Costa Rican Supreme Court hostile to some biotechnology
      -- Bay Area law firms see business dropping 10-15%
      -- Good article on Rep. Goodlatte
      -- Bad article on intellectual property in Business Week
      -- Lawsuit over copyright royalties bond sale
      -- Coca-Cola sets up technology incubator
      -- Unusual language in dependent patent claim
      -- An informative answer to my PDF tools question
Is MgB2 patentable?; Hegel in a patent; NCR sues Palm/Handspring
      -- Is the new superconductor MgB2 patentable?
      -- A patent based on the works of the philosopher Hegel
      -- NCR sues Palm and Handspring
      -- Lawsuits pile up on Napster
      -- Will Napster be able to rely on insurance to pay damages?
      -- Patenting activities in New Orleans
Security concerns at law firms and the Patent Office

February 2001

Greg lecture Thursday on P-2-P patents
Biotech IP job; FDA Orange Book patents web site
US Marines abusing patents? Silly hotel/restaurant patent?
Attempt to rollback copyright term extension fails
Software copyrights as threatening as software patents?
Crushing Napster Part II: Bad P2P ethics
      -- Copyright user/publisher Oreilly refuses to take a Napster stand
      -- Keynote speakers encourage people to break copyright laws
      -- Lessig's innovation-promoting defense is misinterpreted
      -- Little technology/business innovation in the P2P space
      -- Legal alternatives to Napster
      -- Judge Patel shouldn't delay injunction to arrange mediation
      -- Hollywood has nothing to fear from Sen. Hatch
      -- Will public still like Napster after its billion dollar offer?
      -- Napster applying for patents
Random news: conf at Berk;
      -- March 2/3 anti-trust conference at UCal Berkeley Law School
      -- Some technology ethics humor from Sen. Boxer
      -- Kurzweil's role in Wang's patent deal with Microsoft
      -- IP humor in the Boondocks comic strip
      -- Elonix files 20 patent lawsuits over computer monitors
      -- Supreme Court turns down Michael Bolton's copyright appeal
      -- Someone translates the DeCSS descrambling algorithm into haiku
      -- EData retains IP management firm General Patent Corporation
Using a baby's bottom as an inkstamp ....

January 2001

Kudos to Fenwick, Alston, Brobeck, McCutchen, Boalt Hall
ACTV sues Disney; ATT/Katz settle; Openwave/Geoworks settle
      -- Bill Clinton as the Roadrunner
      -- ACTV sues Walt Disney / ABC / ESPN
      -- ATT settles with Katz
      -- Openwave and Geoworks settle patent dispute with cross-license
      -- Prozac patent application to be used in an insanity defense?
Another really dumb encryption patent
Lots of biotech patent news
      -- Universities cracking down on Napster
      -- A defense of a critique of cosmological arguments for God
      -- What's President Bush's stance on stem cell research?
      -- PTO finalizes guidelines on gene patenting
      -- Time magazine cover story "Drugs of the Future"
      -- US leads assault on public global seed libraries
      -- Ecological risks and benefits of genetically engineered plants
      -- India approve production of generic Viagra
      -- BristolMyers/Athersys trying to workaround gene patents
      -- FTC investigating if SmithKline illegally blocking a generic drug
      -- Kenyans protest their names being left off AIDS patent
      -- Aclara settles with Caliper
      -- VISX settles with BauschLomb - Carl Icahn complains
      -- Invent a new measure of body fat
      -- Netzero wins injunction against Juno
      -- OSI's Cancer drug worth upto $187 million
      -- AstraZeneca losing patent to Prilosec in April
      -- Patenting seed pedigrees?
      -- Big biotech patent applications causing problems at EPO/UKPO
      -- Interesting new paper on genomic imprinting
      -- Videoclip of a malaria parasite passing through a cell
      -- Pennsylvania to downplay evolution in the schools?
More biotech patent news - notes from cloning conference
      -- Notes from talks at the GEN cloning conference in Omaha
      -- 40 companies sue South Africa to stop cheap AIDS drugs
      -- Illinois company makes sweeter-smelling sewage
      -- Black Angus bull cloned that is resistant to three bacteria
      -- Vector/Liggett cigarette produces nicotine-free cigarette
      -- Scientists fear stem cell ban
      -- New US H.H.S. secretary's support for stem cell research
      -- Biotechnology and religion conference at UCal Berkeley
      -- Yellow Mexican Enola bean patent challenged
      -- European chemical industry statement on traditional gene resources
      -- Nice article on the destruction of global coral reefs
      -- Should students be encouraged to be IP lawyers or inventors?
EPO hiring in US; PTO databases silliness; TechSearch; Altavista
      -- European Patent Office hiring in the United States
      -- Israeli PATNEWS reader solves million dollar PTO problem for $250
      -- TechSearch suing in Texas, but not using Niro Scavone
      -- Altavista getting ready to get nasty with their patents
Dickinson not asked back? Can the CAFC use slang? A joke
Does the PTO hate little children and their lunches?
Peanut butter prior art; UCITA; John Locke and patents
IP job in So.Cal.; Valenti on Congress
      -- Law firm IP job in So. Cal. -- 8-10 years experience
      -- Jack Valenti on IP in the new Congress
      -- How obnoxious is patent litigation to corporations?
      -- NATO IP conference in Uzbekistan in May
      -- How yucky is it to be an inventor?
      -- PTO move in a few years will be its sixth location
Should biological nonsense be patentable?
A critique of Bessen/Maskin's innovation and patents paper

December 2000

Axiomatizing IP laws - dictionaries used by the CAFC
Random patent news - I am keynoting a litigation conference
      -- If the Commissioner doesn't fully understand, is it unobvious?
      -- CAFC restricts "doctrine of equivalents"
      -- Japan bans cloning of humans
      -- An AIPA author's hunt for the Loch Ness monster
      -- Bad patent article in Oct. 2000 California Lawyer
      -- "Litigating patent disputes" conference Jan (San Fran), Feb (DC)
      -- "Protecting IP Assets in Cyberspace" conference in February (NY)
      -- Dec. 12 PBS special on the life of Nikola Tesla
      -- January conference on Plant Intellectual Property in France
An old patent plays a role in Florida recount court battle
Should design patents be eliminated? Copyrights in Europe
etZero gets Web ad patent - is it enforceable?
Milberg Weiss doing patent litigation?
Will "Festo" force applicants to really search prior art?
A dependent claim workaround for Festo? UCITA's motivation?
Another pre-IPO IP job; BT sues Prodigy; More on Festo and DOE
Prior art for the British Telecom hyperlink patent

November 2000

Georgia CLE; Funny PTO search bug; Basmati rice; Chinese piracy
      -- Kudos on the Georgia IP CLE conference in Costa Rica
      -- Funny PTO patent search bug plus other PTO gossip
      -- Letter writing campaign to PTO to kill Basmati patent
      -- Great Fortune article on piracy in China
      -- Germany threatens to withdraw from European Patent Convention ????
      -- UK Patent Office to offer new patent Web site
Greg Aharonian sued by TechSearch/Niro for patent infringement
Pfizer loses Viagra patent in the UK
Edata wins appeal, but exaggerates importance; EPC/EPO voting
Heated elections for examiner's Union executive
EPO/EPC; Survey patent; Nick Godici in Boston; Cloning a child
      -- UK newspaper, Guardian, publishes report on patenting life
      -- Comments from Italy on EPC deliberations on software patents
      -- Reader objects to overly broad computer survey patent
      -- Recent CAFC decision affirms narrow claim interpretation
      -- Nick Godici to speak to Boston patent lawyers on Dec. 13th
      -- Supermarket rag The Examiner has article on cloning a child
How and why Napster will be crushed
(Amended) Why pre-publication is a partial opposition process
Hot pre-IPO IP job; table of patent lawsuit monetary awards
The equivalence of hardware and software in codesign world

October 2000

Do dictionaries define "patent" incorrectly?
Lessig versus Valenti; the rapper Chuck D & Napster
Senior bizmet examiner leaves; business method law proposed
Biotech IP job; Chiron wins big; Andean Community Has New IPR Law
      -- Inhouse biotech IP job at pre-IPO company
      -- British Telecom patent - prior art available
      -- AAAS report available on oversight for inheritable gene research
      -- Science article on state immunity from patent infringement
      -- MIT Tech Review article on gene patenting
      -- SIBIA loses biotech patent for obviousness
      -- Chiron gets a $100,000,000+ settlement
      -- Patents on sinking carbon using iron-seeded algae ocean buffers
      -- Andean community adopts new IPR law
      -- Lyon & Lyon having Internet patent seminar October 27th in DC
Stambler; Nicotine; Bio IP rights; ants & antibiotics
      -- Patenting new uses of nicotine
      -- Criticisms of indigenous IP rights
      -- Did ants invent use of antibiotics against farm pests?
      -- Rep. Coble promises to reintroduce database bill
      -- Seminar on e-commerce patents in Taipei, 7 Nov 2000
      -- Comment on state government IP rights
      -- More gossip on PTO management / examiners labor negotiations
      -- WIPO rules Canada's patent term has to be changed slightly
Congress passes new federal Technology Transfer law
EC releases software patent study; UK signs patent agreement
The Terminator Chicken?? Donate a pig? PATNEWS vacation
PTO search systems still stink; USA/Jordan patent treaty

September 2000

Interesting management/examiner labor negotiations at PTO
New ecommerce book with 59 pending patents
Letter from Examiner's Union Chief to Patent Advisory Committee
Horrible ecommerce patent claim
Patent quality: uncertain enough to drop Validity Presumption?
      -- USA TODAY articles on patent quality
      -- Uproar at management/examiners meeting Tuesday - boos and chants
      -- IPO/PLI patent meetings (once again) totally ignore patent quality
      -- horrible IEEE article on software patents by patent lawyer
Apple licenses 1-Click; really bad biz patent; new reexam rules
      -- Apple licenses 1-Click
      -- Really overly broad business method patent
      -- I did not critique Paul Heckel's "Patent Myths" article
      -- Software examiner complains about sloppy applications
      -- Group 2800 examiner complains about quality apathy at PTO
      -- A lawyer likes the new reexamination procedures
Diet drug being promoted using Patent Office's goodwill
Are patent abstract now deliberately written short? The UK?
Wall Street Journal exaggerates crappy mutual fund patent
Worst software patent dependent claim?
Are patent abstracts now being written meaninglessly?
Bizarre drug claim; pissed off examiner; long abstracts good
Congress deciding PTO fees - call now; Basmati patent loses
More on patent abstracts and PTO operations
More on the PTO warehouse roof - Examiners want 20% raise

August 2000

Random patent news- submarines, chemicals, PTO biotech, etc.
      -- I filed my trademark notice of opposition
      -- Did Gutenberg invent the printing press, or did the Koreans?
      -- Patent lawyer opening in San Diego
      -- Why reexamination reform and public prior art submissions is bad
      -- Oldest pending patent finally issues after 67 years
      -- Barnes and Noble asserting its IP rights
      -- A patent that is not obvious but also not novel
      -- Europe and business methods patents
      -- Thoughts on a grace period for patent applications in Europe
US government denying existence of biopiracy??? Canadian oncomous
Three Greg lectures in October - Am.Chem.Soc. & patents in August
Random mostly patent news from around the world
NSF publishes meaningless patent statistics data
PTO sued for rejecting "hydrino" patents
Apology for Sunday's outburst - Greg in Taiwan in November
Biotech patent news - NIH stem cells; Russian Church; WIPO
      -- The breastbottle - really obvious in hindsight
      -- NIH releases ethically questionable stem cell rules
      -- Russian Orthodox Church condemns genetic engineering
      -- Did PTO declare computers conscious in 1995 patent?
      -- EEOC declares ex-PTO examiner's cold fusion beliefs a religion
      -- Germany opposes unifying European patent jurisdictions
      -- Pacific Rim Biotech Conference in Vancouver Nov 12-16
      -- PTO's Biotech group's West Coast roadshow Sep 18/20/21
      -- WIPO draft report on traditional knowledge
Random patent news - Adobe sues Macromedia; PTO; EPO business patents
      -- Correction on time of PTO Openhouse in San Diego
      -- Get your certificate for electronic filing at the PTO
      -- Adobe sues Macromedia over software interface patent
      -- Boston Patent Law Assoc. Sept 19 lecture on Patent Valuation
      -- EPO paper on patenting business methods now available
      -- PTO prevails in denying patentability to "hydrinos"
      -- Complaints about genetic programming patents and IBM licensing
Another idiotic ecommerce patent infringement lawsuit
Fashion patent update; anti-commie patent; PTO/Senate gossip

July 2000

Biopatent news; German Softpats; Cuba; Architectural design
      -- Download PTO Pointpower presentation from biogroups 1600/2900
      -- PTO rejects transgenic animal patent because of animal care issues?
      -- France protesting EU directive allowing human gene patents
      -- Council of Europe parliamentarians want ban on human gene patents
      -- Anyone know Francis Collins' religious affliation?
      -- German Federal Court rules software patents to be legal
      -- EU files WTO protest against US trademark law ban on Cuba
      -- Join protest to support architectural design solution IP protection
A mostly purely mathematical patent claim
Gore; PTO's lack of common sense with business method patents
      -- Al Gore comes out against drug patent extensions
      -- TechSearch's NiroScavone loses another software patent assertion
      -- PTO's lack of common sense with business method patents
      -- EuroOpen Source efforts to alter software patent reform
Toasting a toasted PTO's toastily examined toast patent
NIST threatens antitrust against potential crypto patent moochers
MIT/Convolve sue Compaq/Seagate over disk drive vibration patent
Rough draft of my notice to opposed a trademark application
Will pre-publication cause interference chaos at the PTO?
OAU proposes sui generis rights for bio IP rights in Africa
2700 shakeup; totally pathetically crappy business method patent
Will Sightsound's Sander apologize at Roundtable for crappy patent
Detailed notes of PTO Roundtable on Business Method patents

June 2000

Juno sues Qualcomm/NetZero; 3Com sues Xircom; Judah Folkman sued
Using a trademark to violate state/church separation
      -- Using a trademark to violate state/church separation
      -- Judge blasts UK's Trovan's lawyers for fabricating evidence
      -- Trademark controversy over the use of "Six Sigma"
      -- Trademark examiner "invents" an interview
      -- Frustrations in dealing with PTO Trademark division
      -- Correspondence problems with PTO Trademark division
      -- Problems protesting trademark registration
      -- Trademark division having problem licking envelopes?
      -- Problems with trademark status database TARR
Dickens Y2K; WIPO; Columbia Univ.; Trend Micro; Japan Patent Off.
      -- Dickens' and Trovan's lawyers the same?
      -- Wisconsin marriage law struck down
      -- Global patent treaty passed at WIPO
      -- How fraudulent is the Software Patent Institute?
      -- Columbia University seeks patent extension for drug process
      -- Network Associates to pay $12.5 million to Trend Micro
      -- Japanese Patent Office seeking comments on proposed guidelines
      -- Panel: "The Internet, Privacy and the Open Source Movement"
Xerox loses;PATNEWS not evil;Reiffen wins;Congress steals PTO fees
      -- Judge throws out Xerox's infringement lawsuit against Palm
      -- Most influential intellectual property lawyers in United States
      -- PATNEWS is not evil
      -- At least one PATNEWS censored by PTO computers
      -- Congress getting ready to steal $113 million from the PTO
      -- New Yorker article on Craig Venter
      -- Reiffen v. Microsoft reversed in favor of Reiffen
Crooks in Congress to steal $300 million from PTO fees
Stambler; CNet patent; Microsoft patent; Bournemouth IP centre
      -- Stambler assertion starting to heat up
      -- Fenwick and West / Alston and Bird
      -- CNet gets patent
      -- Bournemouth University launches center for IP
      -- New study is critical of EC plans to liberalize software patents
      -- Microsoft patents ASF media file format, stops reverse engineering
      -- Comment from PTO official on patent term extensions
      -- Patent news from Israel
Petition against software patents in Europe
      -- Fenwick/West & Alston/Bird
      -- Petition against software patents in Europe
      -- Comment on pan-European patents
      -- Part of Taiwanese patent law declared unconstitutional
      -- New challenge to PTO plans to move the PTO out of Crystal City
Reexamination request filed against Rozmanith patent
How incompetent is the PTO's Public Relations Office?
British Telecom patent: too lachey, uninfringeable and invalid
Gene test patents cause debate at HHS panel meeting
      -- PTO Biotechnology Group roadshow in Boston June 28
      -- Cloning cats and dogs to be commercially available within a year
      -- Ethics argued over euthanasia drug patent
      -- Gene test patents debated at HHS panel meeting: academia versus BIO
      -- Breakthrough in sequencing the Y chromosome
Another Internet/ecommerce patent litigation saga
Software and book reviews, a bad pun, and assorted trivia
      -- Book review: "Mothers and Daughters of Invention" (non-fiction)
      -- Book review: "The Prodigy" & "The Uncertainty Principle" (fiction)
      -- Book review: "IP in the Information Age" (non-fiction)
      -- Book review: "The Further Inventions of Daedalus" (who knows)
      -- Book review: "Database Nation" (non-fiction)
      -- Kit review: "The Inventrepreneur's Kit"
      -- Software review: "Global IP Estimator"
      -- 400th Anniversary of "De Magnete" by Gilbert (non-fiction)
Russia's version of TechSearch asserting a patent on ... bottles
Should I file a trademark protest against "patentbusters"?
TLE[Senators want FTC after Micrsoft; Using trademarks to bust patents
TLE[How to bust a software patent
TLE[Help bust a patent; A bad Internet patent claim
Washington patent politics
      -- House commits to stealing PTO monies; battle moves onto the Senate
      -- Hatch's role in getting a Schering-Plough drug patent extended
      -- House rejects attempts to limit US TRIPS to help third world
      -- House Bill to mandate licensing of Unocal's gas patent

May 2000

Patent examination system is intellectually corrupt
Patent news from around the world
      -- New entrant into human genome sequencing race - DoubleTwist
      -- Harvard's Lessig to go to Stanford
      -- InTouch sues Amazon
      -- 24/7 Media countersues DoubleClick, which sued L90
      -- Geoworks asking for $20000/year plus $1/unit
      -- Licensing Executive Society conference in Amsterdam May 21-24
      -- Patent tutorial at ACM/IEEE ICSE 2000 in Limerick (IE) June 4-11
      -- Dickens-Soeder2000 extends deadline for Y2K licensing program
      -- Job posting for tech transfer position at UC - Davis sues Geoworks; PTO/EPO/JPO bizpats; WTO; Lessig
      -- is suing to invalidate Geoworks patent
      -- PTO/EPO/JPO getting ready to jointly mismanage business patents
      -- US beats Canada at the WTO over patent terms in Canada
      -- Lessig is a constitutional law professor
      -- Top IP law schools in the latest ranking
Yet another type of sloppy patent claims
EPO revokes neem patent; human genes to be banned in Europe?
      -- European Patent Office revokes Neem patent
      -- European politicians seek to block human gene patents in Europe
      -- NIH still opposing PTO gene patent policies
      -- Professor sues university for royalty to biotech patent
      -- Is public patent breeding research being stifled?
      -- Appeal to the indigenous peoples representatives at COP5
Does a Bible passage, or Nazi practice, qualify as prior art?
German conf. on software patents this week - I will be there
PTO gene sequencing? Japense BizPats; PTO customer blues???
PATNEWS from Munich - changes in European patenting coming
      -- Europe to adopt a wiser one year grace period
      -- Europe to drop rule 52 exclusion of software patents
      -- EPO having hiring problems for software examiners
      -- European patent litigation practices makes quality less important
      -- Franco-Africans counties urged to boycott patent treaty
      -- Gene-modified seed scandal in England
      -- Windows error message haiku
Fourth Amendment under attack
European and American patent news
      -- Netcentives gang bust; ATT gang bust
      -- UK government to investigate transfer of Dolly cloning patents
      -- Problems (and silly IP litigation) over French bank cards
      -- Al Gore's patent comments upset some Europeans
      -- Jehovah's Witness's human barcode prior art
      -- Toothpick as one of the first human inventions?
      -- EFF appeals California DVD software ban
      -- Patent 5,945,631 - silly shielded cable patent?
      -- Silly wireless location patent?
      -- Mailing list for surveilance and privacy
Help Thailand doctors bust Bristol Myers DDI patent
European patent policy activities
      -- (US) Konrad patents claiming to cover HTTP's POST/GET?
      -- UK/Irish patent lawyers give lukewarm support for "grace period"
      -- UK patent lawyers' comments on future EPO policies
      -- EC Commissioner's talk on IP harmonization in Europe

April 2000

Greg in Berlin on May 18th; Maryland passes pathetic UCITA
Biotech patent news - AIDS gene patent, anti-WTO petition
      -- NIH's Francis Collins comments on gene patents
      -- Guidant and Johnson&Johnson swap technology
      -- WTO Sink or Shrink - petition being circulated
      -- Errors found in patent for AIDS gene, scientists say (LATimes)
      -- Alternative Dispute Resolution for IP - Boston seminar Apr 10
      -- Results of two year old survey sent out over PATNEWS
Why software prior art archiving is/will be very difficult/costly
PATNEWS in the Economist; ATT IP lawyer at MIT on April 13th
Let's bust Stambler; Boycott AOL's patent of 1-search shopping?
Univ. Rochester's "submarine" patent torpedos G.D Searle
InTouch sues Amazon for online music sampling
(Walker Asset's) trivial/obnoxious business method patents
Lemelson Foundation to sue 430 companies?
IBM upsets UK over patent; Unisys back with GIF; IBM pat cites
      -- Dept. of Energy soliciting proposals for energy inventions
      -- Agenda for 11th U.Dayton Seminar on Computer and Cyberspace Law
      -- IBM ignores patent of UK voice recognition company
      -- Unisys efforts to further license LZW/GIF patent causing a stir
      -- IBM: Is an abstract as prior art equivalent to the whole article?
Rockwell ECommerce asserting pathetic call center patent

March 2000

Konrad patents being asserted?
Konrad; Amazon; woman patents herself; gene patent lecture
      -- Info on Konrad lawsuit court filing
      -- Some sarcasm and criticism of Amazon's referral patent
      -- Critique of Stallman's boycott of Amazon
      -- Palm sued right before their IPO
      -- Letter from scared startup about a pending business patent
      -- Woman Files Patent Application on Herself
      -- New RAFI report - "Suicide Seeds on the Fast Track"
      -- Mar 2 lecture at Vanderbilt on patenting genes
      -- A horrible, deplorable, uncalled for, cruel joke about .......
$80,000 egg; Taxol; Konrad; Stupid BizPat; More on Amazon
      -- Techsearch/Rozmanith being sued
      -- $80,000 offered for Berkeleyan female egg donor
      -- Judge invalidates most patent protection for Taxol uses
      -- Alan Konrad sues 39 companies over his client-server patent
      -- Stupid business method patent - measuring leadership
      -- More on Amazon - a criticism of Lippert's defense of Amazon
      -- British company claims their patent anticipates Amazon's
EPO patent quality dropping to low US levels; bad BizMeth patent
Another very crappy patent awarded to a Gray Cary client
House IP/PTO hearing; Examiner's comments on search systems
A silly business method patent that shows PTO inabilities
Biotech stock price rising because of questionable patent?
A critique of Jezz Bezos recent patent policy suggestions
"Clear and convincing" versus "preponderance of evidence"
EAST/WEST; patent reform suggestions; CAFC; bad Japanese translation
      -- San Jose Mercury News column on Amazon's recent happenings
      -- Sunday New York Times Magazine article on patents
      -- Professional searchers not impressed by new PTO search systems
      -- Another lawyers supports "preponderance of the evidence"
      -- More patent reform proposals from a lawyer
      -- Short translation of reference causes patent to be invalidated
      -- Comments on the CAFC
      -- Provisional patent apparently being auctioned at EBay
      -- Example of badly translated Japanese patent application
Consumer rights in Hague Jurisdiction Convention being weakened?
Harvard's Lessig gets it wrong about software patents
Dickens lets you bet on the Y2K patent license fee
India adopting a Bayh-Dole equivalent; a bad physics patent
PTO Commissioner's online discussion with PTO examiners
Who's lying about the new PTO patent search systems ???
More gossip on PTO screwed up patent search databases
Overtime/comptime; Blame Greg for EastWest; Latest PTO URL policy
New PTO policy on Appeal Conferences
Critique of the Pope's apology to the world
WSJ editorial bashes software patents; new bad PTO busmet policy
European Parliament opposes human embryo patent; WTO & TRIPS

February 2000

More on UCITA; Verio trademarking "whois"?; Boycott Barcadi rum
      -- More on UCITA and the outrageous demands of its supporters
      -- Verio trying to trademark "whois"?
      -- Boycott of Barcadi rum being organized on behalf of Cuba
IBM sues Informix; Inventor wins $13 million; Lucent; PwC IP forum
Bad bioexports from Peru; Plant patents in Asia
      -- Ills of unregulated medicinal plant exports from Peru
      -- Plant variety rights spark debate in Asia
      -- Beyond the genome: comments from the World Economic Forum
Zero quality business method patents - and how to abuse the system
Eurosoft pat talk in Palo Alto; IBM/Informix; EData; Linux patent
Y2K patent (cess)pool being formed
How totally technically incompetent is the Patent Office?
PTO bans URLs in patent apps - how clueless is Stephen Kunin?
More on PTO's banning URLs in patent specifications
Lastword on URLs; BizPat Forum at UChicago Law School Feb 23
400,000 page app; bogus patents; Dickens reissue; PwC broadcast
      -- Four hundredth anniversary of Giordano Bruno's murder by burning
      -- Japanese translation of my URL story
      -- PTO gets 400,000 page biotech patent application
      -- PTO issues bogus physics patents
      -- Dickens files reissue request for Y2K patent being reexamined
      -- PricewaterhouseCooper webcasting its IP Forum
Biotech patent news from around the world
      -- Atlantic Monthly article on universities becoming companies
      -- EPO admits error on wording of stem cell patent
      -- Afro/Carib/Pacific <--> EC bioagreement on TRIPS IP rights
      -- Greens ask for biopiracy clause to be dropped
      -- Pfizer to stop using 'Trovan' trademark, and pay $143 million
      -- Does Indian plant patents bill protect farmers enough?
      -- Christian perspective on biopatenting and food security
Latest Amazon patent sparks outrage

January 2000

New Millenium - New PATNEWS
Complaints sought about PTO's restriction requirements
      -- Japan Tobacco - make them sick, treat them and cure them - $$$$
      -- Complaints sought about PTO's restriction requirements
      -- Technology transfer position at the Univ.Cal. San Diego
      -- Was King David the King Arthur of Canaan?
      -- NIH soliciting comments on stem cell policies
      -- Is 18-month pre-publication legislation impotent?
Worst Internet patent claim of 1999
Programmers protest article praising Amazon's 1-Click
Should output of AI-CAD programs be patentable?
Worst software engineering patent of 1999; worst beer keg patent
PATNEWS in the new millenium
Let's attack Geoworks with prior art and put options
Gossip from the PTO; gossip from Japan; Genentech loses
      -- Labor relations problems at the PTO?
      -- Examiner caught sticking filewrappers in the ceiling
      -- Japanese companies in patenting frenzy for business methods
      -- Senate having hearings on business patents at Berkeley this spring
      -- Genentech's human growth hormone patent invalidated
      -- Dolly patent issues in the United Kingdom
Software patent validity information at
NAS Feb 2/3 Conference on extending IP rights in Washington, D.C.
Greg v. Q.Todd economics and economics on my Web site; Dickens
Biotech patent news from Guyana/Brazil, Mexico, Peru, London
      -- Guyanian/Brazilian Indians want rights to British patent
      -- US bean company suing Mexicans over US patent on Mexican bean
      -- Peru drafting law to protect indigenous plants
      -- Londoner complains about US restrictions on biotech patent apps
      -- Bioinformatics seminar - Boston Patent Law Assoc. - Feb 11
IEEE letter opposing passage of UCITA by the states
Worst business method claim of 2000
CIVIX;Worst educational/religious/wasn't-pro-se?/doll patent

December 1999

Biotech protests from Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Peru, India
Problems with Japanese patent lawyers; more on those bad claims
Anti-abortionists picketing Geron Corporation Friday morning
Amazon wins injunction against Barnes & Noble
Random patent news
      -- How stupid is Dicken's Y2K patent? As stupid as Rozmanith
      -- Harvard appeals oncomouse setback in Canada
      -- Roche's Taq patent was fraudulently obtained
      -- New European trademark database - OHIM
      -- Patent attorney to pay $7,000,000 for bad claims
      -- CLE conference in Utah in Feb 2000
      -- Chinese government official urges companies to patent
      -- Update on India's TRIPS compliance
      -- UK patent agents granted rights to be advocates and to litigate
      -- Hawaii Supreme Court rules against gay marriages
Senator attacks PTO; oncomouse; UK biopiracy; message from Seattle
      -- Senator Schumer criticizes PTO's broad patent granting
      -- Oncomouse: a Canadian complains about US patent arrogance
      -- More software to deal with PTO images
      -- Gene banking: UK scientists accused of biopiracy
      -- Indigenous peoples' Seattle declaration
      -- German Ministry of Justice opposes life patenting EPO decision
University technology fair - Atlanta - Feb. 2000
      -- University technology fair - Atlanta - Feb. 2000
      -- Euro Workshop on Plant IP Rights - UK - Jan. 2000
      -- Some doubt on Aurigin's new patent
Support Call for stem cell research; AAAS evolution statement
PTO to reexamine Dickens/Boeing Y2K patent; Microsoft/Priceline
AskJeeves; Wang; Intel/TechSearch; EPO allows GM plant patents
      -- AskJeeves sued over yet another natural language patent
      -- Wang loses appeal - will Internet patents be harder to bust?
      -- Rozmanith's TechSearch loses case against Intel
      -- Tip on patenting genes from biotech Group Director Doll
      -- UK scientists defended against charges of biopiracy
      -- EPO Appeal Board rules genetically modified plants are patentable
      -- Is the 1984 Drug Price Competition Act now useless?
Does earlier patent kill Dickens patent? IBM/EMC; Wang/AOL
IP seminars in January and February; more on Dickens
      -- Extending IP rights - NatAcadSci - Washington - Feb. 2-3
      -- Patent Information Users Group - San Francisco - Feb. 16
      -- A sample of prior art for the Dickens patent
      -- Invention Submission Corporation suffers lawsuit setback

November 1999

W3C declares P3P doesn't infringe Intermind patent
Y2K patent being asserted, surprising computer consultants
Comments from Telecom 99; Agric. Dept. obsessed with Terminator
EAST/WEST - $40,000,000+ fraud with PTO automation procurement
Y2K patent stirs controversy - someone even sends in prior art
Legal patent upsets some legal software companies
Latest gossip on games being played with patent reform
New PTO patent search system scandal continues to fester
      -- Wednesday's Wall Street Journal runs article on scandal
      -- PTO hastily buys/installs $2,000,000 HP server - achieves little
      -- 700+ examiners signing petition to be sent to Congress?
      -- PTO guidelines on coping with new search systems shows incompetence
Dickinson confirmed; Hiring freeze at the Patent Office
Text of examiners' petition to Congress
A variety of complaints about a variety of PTO operations
Washington Post covers PTO search system scandal
Linux gurus debate impact of crappy patent on Linux
Dog crappy patents
Some weird patent claim phrases

October 1999

Ig Nobel prizes awarded at Harvard - one went to an old patent
Bill introduced for compulsory licensing of some health patents
Monsanto "terminates" its Terminator seed technology
Pfizer must pay $143 million to Trovan over trademarks
More PTO gossip - complaints of examiners - a defense of CAFC
Priceline sues Microsoft - Priceline will lose
Will examiner's patent searches be worse with new search tools?
PTO's new patent searchs systems - more complaints about waste
Inhouse patent database: triple damages or not????????????
Amazon sues Barnes & Noble
Open Market: How useless are small portfolios of Internet patents?
Latest news on patent reform manipulations in the Senate
Are PTO trademark operations as mismanaged as patent operations?

September 1999

Monsanto interferes in Pakistan's sui generis law process
Civix-DDI; US copyright haven; Videologic; Unisys; Lucent; Intel
      -- Civix-DDI is suing even more companies
      -- American patent and copyright hypocrisy re harmonization
      -- A flaw in even valid software patents - legal oversees piracy
      -- Videologic to enforce TV-in-PC patents
      -- Unisys seeking to cash in on Web page use of GIF
      -- Lucent gets patent on sine/cosine table lookup
      -- Another Intel shell company in the Caymans Islands
A crappy pending software patent is being "asserted"
Is PTO obviousness random and therefore meaningless?
Should disturbed examiner's patents be reexamined
PTO finishes OCRing patent texts back to 1790
Who invented aspirin? Priceline vs. Microsoft for hotel bookings
Priceline hiring; Lemley to Berkeley; Howrey Simon & Arnold White
      -- Priceline hiring 6-12 patent attorneys
      -- UCal-Berkeley Boalt Law School to hire UT-Austin's Mark Lemley
      -- Howrey & Simon to merge with Arnold White & Durkee
Are Internet client/server claims nonenforceable?
A patent on curry??? Indigenous people versus TRIPS
EPO changing divisionals? PTO issues bad peptide software patent
Clinton/Blair to stop gene patents; Rifkin goes after seed corps
      -- Blair(UK) and Clinton(US) push to stop gene patents
      -- Rifkin to file antitrust suit against seed companies?
      -- Monsanto to abandon genetically modified seed studies in the UK?
      -- South Africa to get cheap AIDS drugs, despite US pressure
      -- Kansas teachers fight anti-evolution idiocy
NCR sues Netscape; Some details on Lemelson lawsuits
Priceline bravado; Is Citibank opposing patent reform?
The growing flood of "Wall Street" patents
A bunch of (un)reliable gossip about the Patent Office, etc.
      -- PTO Commissioner spending big bucks to renovate his office?
      -- PTO examiners most stressed out federal employees
      -- Did PTO commissioner bully the head of the Examiner's Union?
      -- Did PTO management force out head of Petitions?
      -- PTO classification being degraded?
      -- Will new PTO software make Office Actions worse?
      -- Will new PTO search systems make examination worse?
      -- PTO's partial contempt for public access to patent data
      -- 500 chemical engineering patents improperly examined in April
      -- Dickinson flys to California - for no reason whatsoever????
      -- Where are PTO interference files?
      -- Lehman shilling for patent auctioneers?
      -- How politically (in)correct was Lehman / is the PTO?
      -- Patent reform games being started in the Senate?
      -- PTO changing the rules on 112 rejections? CAFC to blame?

August 1999

HR2654 to be voted on Monday at 2 PM; UCITA approved
HR2654 shelved - US patent reform from a European perspective
Global biotech news: UPOV
      -- Berkeley biotech company looking for lawyer
      -- Non-UPOV plant protection schemes
      -- Reconciling TRIPS with CBD, development...
      -- Costa Rica's biodiversity law: sharing the process
HR1907 - yes 07 passes, HR2654 was a fake diversion
Inside story on how HR1907 was passed
ISC to be sued; Senate reform; Marimba/Novadigm; Compaq/eMachines
      -- Invention Submission Corp. to be sued for fraud
      -- Senate to force rush patent reform bill
      -- Senate to extend drug patents?
      -- Cisco / KPMG / Morrison & Foerster
      -- Marimba sues Novadigm
      -- Compaq sues eMachines
      -- Intel sues EMI
      -- Victor Shear to raise $85 million based on his patents
      -- Pitney Bowes gets $51.75 million from the US Postal Service
      -- Patented artificial animal testicles are selling
Canada to drop application secrecy protection? CAFC nominee?
Biotech patent news - creationism, third world
      -- Mental retards now running Kansas Bored of Education
      -- Tyson Foods sues ConAgra over theft of trade secrets
      -- Great news for chocolate lovers
      -- Trade secret dispute over cancer technologies: Xillix/Olympus
      -- Another story on CellPro and Baxter International
      -- EPO amends EPC biotech implementing regulations
      -- India upset again over new US biotech patents
      -- Statement from Venezuela on TRIPS
      -- Statement from Kenya/African Group on TRIPS
United, Spiegel and Hyatt sued over patent 5,253,341
Bottle design patent; 3Com/Olivetti; Mickey Mouse's copyright
      -- CocaCola, Kraft Foods, Quaker Oats, Hershey sued for bottle design
      -- 3Com gets injunction against Olivetti
      -- Trivial software design patent?
      -- Should Mickey Mouse's copyright be extended?
      -- Intel and IDT joint license - IDT gets $20 million
Two stock market tips involving intellectual property; trademark
12 Internet credit card companies being "extorted"
Are PTO classification capabilities being downgraded?
Management of digital IP - Apr. 2000 workshop at Rutgers
Internet patents - too many, too invalid, too lied about by PTO
Infringement lawsuit filed against map drawing Web sites
Immoral condom patent; World Seed Conf; UPOV; Monsanto; TRIPS
      -- PTO issues immoral condom patent
      -- Counterconference protest to Sept.'s World Seed Conference
      -- Joint NGO statement supporting Africa Group UPOV proposals
      -- Saskatchewan farmer battles Monsanto, sues them back
      -- US sees no TRIPS negotiations at Seattle, focuses on implementation

July 1999

Gossip on problems at EPO
Biotech patent news from American and Europe
      -- A sad goodbye to the UK Patent Library at Holborn
      -- Umbilical cord stem cell patented rejected by EPO
      -- FTC merger approval leads to end of patentmail payments to generic
      -- Alternative weekly article on Geron/stem cells/cloning
      -- Request for comments on biotech prior art
      -- Academies call for ban on patenting agricultural life forms
      -- Monsanto selling food ingredient business to fund agrobiotech
      -- Inventor/promoter sue Gillette; Gillette sues American safety
      -- Zeneca poison agrobio patent attracting ire in Europe
Random patent news
      -- Women-only venture capital forum
      -- Eastern Europe to join EPO in 2002
      -- Get UK Masters degree in Intellectual Property Management
      -- Technology transfer intern positions at the NIH
      -- Licensings statistics for federal agencies
      -- Commerce Dept. Inspector General Office job vacancy
      -- PTO memorandum for all employees: media contact policy
      -- Weird problems with PTO trademark databases
      -- More complaints about PTO PCT clerical staff
      -- DeKalb/Monsanto to pay Rhone-Poulenc over $65 million
      -- Japanese Supreme Court to publish int. prop. decisions
      -- Lemelson Foundation files massive infringement lawsuit
      -- How big companies abuse software patents
      -- Patent lawyer complains to editor of Nature
Belzberg - this summer's pathetic business patent
Crappy natural language patent asserted against AskJeeves
Some PTO gossip from Comm. Dickinson; UN criticial of IP grabs
Random patent news: PTO/ADA, more bad software patents
      -- Article on Internet patent battles
      -- A quote from Ancient Rome for PTO reorganizations
      -- PTO/EPO pressured to lower costs
      -- French lawyer complains about PTO xenophobic searching
      -- Patent Bar exam applicant has problems getting help from PTO
      -- Is PTO resurrecting 101 rejections for software?
      -- Patent asserted for emergency alert systems
      -- General Patent Corp. licenses patents to 3Com
      -- Cantor Fitzgerald sues Liberty Brokerage for auction infringement
      -- Another Internet music patent being asserted
      -- Apple sues Future Power for its iMac look-alike E-Power computer
      -- ACM says consumers lose if UCITA becomes law
More random patent news
      -- Hawaii's governor urges other governors to fight patent reform
      -- Contradictory economists' views on patent maintenance fees
      -- EPO board decision on software patents
      -- Complaint about GPC's modem licensing deals
      -- New UK patent library not as bad as I reported
      -- Patent night at Ingersoll-Rand
      -- Qualcomm sues Motorola to terminate license agreement
      -- EData files appeal
      -- James Brown borrows $30,000,000 against future music royalties
      -- You too can invest in lawsuits
      -- Library of Congress running out of room
      -- Mental retards in Topeka
      -- A crappy patent
Should Cuba receive royalties? More Australian patents on 'net
Comments from president of GPC; more on lawsuit investing scams

June 1999

Fire PTO librarian; New reexam still stupid; Coble bill markup
Business Week's 100 Years of Innovation; Kathleen Meserve dies
FTC rules VISX didn't defraud PTO; Patent reform bill update
Was FTC judge re VISX misinformed about PTO operations?
Complaints about rushed patent bill; Why Rohrabacher's betrayal?
More gossip on dysfunctional interference process
More gossip on interference problems at the PTO
Zurko; Borland; Intel; Provisionals; IBM; Int. Design Pats
Comments on Zurko; comment from Zurko herself; Judge Rich
IEEE Amicus Curiae brief on reverse engineering
GSA announces new site for PTO office facilities
AEA/VCs/BIO/SIIA urge Congress to rush patent reform bill
The Ten Commandments, or methods of patenting religions
Prior use deserves no protection; More PCT gossip from PTO
Global patent news: Japan, Europe, Korea, UPOV, India, France, Dutch
      -- IP News from Japan: copyrights, Hague, DNA fragments
      -- European seminar on drafting patent claims
      -- Since Janaury, Koreans allow electronic filing
      -- Russian patent abstracts available
      -- WTO pressuring third world countries to adopt UPOV into TRIPS
      -- India seeks changes in UNESCO rights declaration
      -- American Type Culture Collection patent forum - Sep 99 - Herndon
      -- French company Pechiney sues Alcoa in Delaware courts
      -- Hague Appeals Courts weakens Dutch courts broader infringements
      -- Update on European Community Design patent reform
States Immune from Suits for Pat., Copy. and Trade. Infringement
What percentage of software patents are valid?
$5000 anti-Sightsound prior art collection available
PTO prior art hearing and results of my survey

May 1999

Harvard lawyer blasts PTO - more bad March software patents
Web consortium effort to kill Intermind patent
Patent reform update: big/small convergence, public still ignored
Orange County/San Diego annual joint IP seminar
US satellites stealing European ideas for US companies to patent?
Commissioner/ExaminersUnion squabbling
Global biotech: Ecuador, Pakistan
      -- Women equity partners in US law firms
      -- Ecuador needs help drafting biopiracy laws
      -- Pakistan's SPDI urges government not to join UPOV
      -- Confusion over patenting living things may force Thai U-turn
      -- TRIPS VS. Biodiversity: what to do with 1999 review of Art. 27.3(b)
      -- US-EC side-tracking substantial TRIPS 27.3 review?
      -- TRIPS council discusses plant patenting and Art. 27.3(b)
      -- US: Ongoing Battle Between Generic and Brand-Name Drug Companies
IP Rights for traditional ecological knowledge
PTO guarantees? Excel decision supports State Street
Biotech patent applications treated poorly
      -- TC 1700 Cases "Dealt Like Cards" Among Art Units
      -- Recommendation for biotech sequence listing consultant from reader
      -- Canada patent bar exam rules tougher
      -- ATI Technologies Inc. Wins Patent Suit in ITC Over Cirrus Logic
      -- Apple being sued over voice recognition
      -- New international design patent - just more money for WIPO?
Global biotech: Philippines, Africa/OAU, Australia, WIPO
      -- Philippine Agr. Dept. position on TRIPS UPOV/27.3(b)
      -- African alternative to UPOV for protection of new plant varieties
      -- Plant breeders' wrongs righted in Australia?
      -- UN Commissioner statement on Int.Prop. and Human Rights
Go slow on patent reform - too many problems
      -- Congress won't be approving a patent commissioner, if at all
      -- Why proposed patent reexamination reform is badly drafted
      -- Can't trust PTO management that is downsizing PTO quality efforts
      -- Be wary of large entities - Judge slaps Intel for chicanery
Why not include opposition period in patent reform?
20 Representatives protest rushing of patent legislation
Patent meetings/lectures in May/June
      -- May 16-20 BIO conference sessions on intellectual property
      -- May 26 Palo Alto lecture on Criminal Trade Secret Protection
      -- June 16 Greg in Newport Beach speaking to OCPLA
      -- June 30 Greg in Palo Alto speaking to WIPTF
      -- June 5 PTO hearing in Sunnyvale for semiconductor partnership
      -- June 23-27 ABA Int.Prop. Conference in San Francisco
Patent reform now House bill - will PTO fight it?
PTO to have hearings on software prior art problems
Coble bill passed; UKPO; drug imports; promoters arrested; TI
      -- Coble patent reform bill approved by Judiciary Committee
      -- Anderson signs when Dickinson travels
      -- Problems at the PTO library
      -- One view of the corporatized United Kingdom Patent Office
      -- Bill introduced to allow parallel drug imports
      -- Web site to search some Japanese patent abstracts
      -- Ten invention promoters arrested
      -- PTO/EPO/JPO to do some patent searches jointly
      -- Report of meeting of commisssioners of major patent offices
      -- Texas Instruments gets $1 billion out of Hyundai
Global biotech patent news: Kenya
      -- NIH technology transfer list and 1998 approved drugs
      -- Patent 5,885,982 - photo used in Official Gazette
      -- New bill a threat to Kenyan national food security
      -- Kenya industrial property rights bill runs into trouble
      -- WIPO documents for developing countries and TRIPS
      -- Implementing a sui generis system of protection in Zambia
      -- Bangkok seminar on trade and TRIPS
      -- Biotech market analyst job in Connecticut
      -- NeoPath buys Neuromedical Systems' IPRs from AutoCyte

April 1999

Lots of random patent news
      -- E-Data backs off patent claims
      -- A lawyer complains about the proposed patent reexam reform
      -- Software for preparing copyright applications
      -- Nice article on Pfaff "on sale bar" case
      -- Will smart card applications take off in the US?
      -- TI wins $25 million from Hyundai
      -- Startup helps value silicon intellectual property cores
      -- Can Web sites sell trademarked names for local use?
      -- Intel and HP fencing off 64-bit microprocessor technology
      -- Another standards/patents clash - IEEE 1101.10
      -- Inventors on Sally Jesse Raphael on April 7th
      -- Some interesting inventing sites on the Internet
      -- IBM's patent Web site promoting technology transfer
      -- Novartis sues Sangstat Medical
      -- Summit Technology sues Nidek over photorefractive keratectomy
Biotech patent news: Ayahuasca, China & UPOV, UPOV alternative
      -- China accedes to UPOV
      -- Amazon Groups Challenge US Plant Patent on Ayahuasca
      -- Legal elements of the "Ayahuasca" patent case
      -- State Dept. seeking repeal of South African pharma laws?
      -- Protection of new plant varieties: a developing country alternative
      -- Farmers' Rights: Crisis Every Ugandan Farmer Needs to Know About
      -- Thailand: the Jasmati trademark affair
How worthless are PTO PCT searches? Bad chocolate patent
More PCT complaints; Australia PO; UK designs; Microsoft sued
      -- More complaints about the PTO's PCT system
      -- Australian patent information on the Internet
      -- Registered Design images searchable at UK Patent Office web site
      -- Unemployed woman inventor wins $1.78 million infringement award
      -- Microsoft sued yet again
Am.Univ. IP conference; RAFI vs. ASTA over Terminator
      -- American Univ. (Wash., DC) conference on IP/human rights - Apr 19
      -- Patent aspects of penicillin
      -- Statement on TRIPS in Southern Africa
      -- RAFI newsitem on dozens of "Terminator patents"
      -- American seed association papers on agrobio patents
Chubb offering intellectual property insurance
Some survey questions on patent litigation
Tradesecret insurance; Monthly crappy Microsoft software patent
Triple damages; IP moot court winners; sexual trademark inadequacy
      -- Question: Corporate patent searching and triple damages?
      -- Question: Don't file US apps - file US PCT national apps?
      -- Winners of 26th Giles Sutherland Rich IP Moot Court Competition
      -- Get your invention on television
      -- PTO examiner complains about WIPO
      -- Sexual trademark inadequacy?
Complaints about PTO PCT and processing paper/electronic patents
Judge rules against Compuserve over crap software patent
Japanese Supreme Court allows generics to use patented drugs
Question: corporate patent searching and triple damages?
PTO hearing on a truly international design patent
EC version of ruling on use of patented drugs and generics
More IP insurance; Web to study Microsoft; WIPO's future of IP
"Methods of doing business" means absolutely everything

March 1999

Eurasian seminar in SF; MegaSuperKudos to EPO's ESPACENET; AEA
TRIPS and patenting life; Latin America transgenics; UK MP views
      -- TRIPS Council Moves Slowly on Review of Life Patenting Exemption
      -- Latin American declaration on transgenic organisms
      -- UK Minister asks: "Can democracy cope with biotechnology?"
      -- Fungi and rice biopiracy in Thailand
      -- Venezuelan Indians suffer biopiracy, betrayed by their government
Seminar on the business of patenting business models
Patent jobs; Silly EPO's PDF patent images; WIPO Ecom IP Seminar
Salon; Inventor Conference in Alabana; patents on NPR
Strange PTO examiners
Patent fraud buster sued; some patent jobs; compulsory licensing
      -- Invention Submission Corp. sues patent fraud buster
      -- Telecom patent job in Philadelphia
      -- Compulsory medicine licensing meeting in Geneva end of March
      -- Tech transfer job at Carnegie Mellon University
      -- Patent attorney positions in Connecticut
      -- Economics of patent litigation
      -- Major Flaws in the WIPO Domain Name Proposal
      -- What's up with PTO's "Moving into the 21st Century"?
AUTM/LES; Word EPO form; PTO Agent Exam; Toy & Game Forum
      -- DuPont donates $64 million in patents to 3 US universities
      -- How to contact AUTM and LES
      -- Australian PO has Web site for children and inventing
      -- Word 97 form for EPO form 1001
      -- PTO's Agent Exam silliness
      -- The Toy & Game Inventor's Forum: April 15-17, 1999
      -- Ryobi Sues Honda Over 4-Cycle Technology Patent Infringement
      -- WSJ article: Invention Promoter Alleges Patent Attorney Defamed It
      -- US State Department gets cold feet about cold fusion
      -- AEA Pushes for Patent Reform; Signatures Requested on Letter
CARE/Monsanto no; PhRMA/OTR; GMO Japan; Cuba; Africa; China
      -- CARE rejects plan to work with Monsanto
      -- PhRMA asks USOTR to target 20 countries for pharma patent abuses
      -- Resistance grows in Japan to bioengineered foods
      -- Cuba targeting generics as a market opportunity
      -- NIH, NSF, USDA awarding $3.5 million for biodiversity
      -- Africa splits over bar to plant patents
      -- NGOs protest WIPO - WTO moves on UPOV at Bangkok
      -- South Asian SANFEC'S statement of position on TRIPS article 27.3(b)
      -- Small farmers seed rights up for grabs?
      -- China sets timetable for new patent, copyright laws
Thursday hearing on patent reform; Rohrabacher's bill
EPO relaxes software patenting restrictions
Current patent reform process is fraudulent

February 1999

Sightsound waving wet spaghetti; nice review of State Street
Silicon Valley lawyers blast PTO over software patents
Future examiner staffing problems at the UK patent office?
Canada; Venezuela; Diana/Elvis; Client investing; Australia
Microsoft shocks Web world with another questionable patent
The end of patent litigation???? Someone despises me real bad
David Pressman to speak; pros and cons about his book
Patent news and gossip from around the world
      -- Happy Valentine's Day
      -- Trivial exemplary claim in method of doing business patent
      -- PTO dumping APS search system for WEST? Examiners unhappy
      -- EPO to cut fees by 20 percent
      -- Boston Patent Law Ass. lecture on Software Patent Prosecution
      -- General Surgical wins $12.9 million
      -- Calloway sues Orlimar over golf irons
      -- Paragon to pay Procter & Gamble $163.5 million
      -- Experts testifying in Intel antitrust trial
      -- Apple Computer pisses off 1394 community
      -- Democrats say US has a defacto patent registration system
      -- Postal Service contest for 1980s technology
      -- Conference on Intellectual Property Asset Securitization
      -- PTO buys gene sequencing hardware from Compugen
      -- Patent claim on a law of physics?
Patents wrongfully expiring? EPO appeal rulings online; Democrats
Newsletter for spies and spooks
More biotech news and views around the world
      -- Alabama bans vibrators
      -- New England states' cloning policies and legislation
      -- British panel backs research on embryos
      -- UK Prime Minister eats Frankenstein food - concerns about soya,maize
      -- Controversy in England over genetically engineered potatoes
      -- US State Department hypocrisy over HIV/AIDS drugs licensing
      -- African statements on IP rights and biodiversity
How unethical are Microsoft's IP practices?
Europe patents grace period; new EC IP; Australia; UK trademarks
      -- Biotech and Chemical patent attorney positions available
      -- Should European inventors have one year filing grace period?
      -- New EC efforts on patent reform - unitary EC patent, software patents
      -- First Inventors Fair to be held in Australia
      -- UK Patent, Trade Mark and Designs Decisions published on Internet
      -- UK Quaker paper on biodiversity and food
US biotech companies wreck biotech talks in Columbia

January 1999

Worst "Method of doing business ..." patent of 1998
Worst Searched Set of Software Patents for 1998
PTO holding limited public forum on Jan 22.
Biotechnology issues around the world
      -- Web page on compulsory licensing
      -- Monsanto cotton field burned to the ground in India
      -- Draft legislation for biodiversity in India
      -- Philippine tribes protest biopiracy
      -- Dutch file lawsuit protesting new EC biopatenting laws
      -- South African article on indigenous knowledge at risk
      -- Biopiracy: a new threat for the Amazon
      -- Pharmacoeconomics of paraziquantel
Is the PTO deliberately sacrificing patent quality?
Architects complain about bad patents; PTO's addiction to bad
      -- Priceline patent challenged - interference priority conflict
      -- Architects complain about bad patents
      -- PTO's addiction to fees from bad patents
      -- Patent lawyer actually publicly criticizes PTO's software patents
      -- Imatec and Apple don't settle billion dollar infringement
      -- Goldtouch sues Microsoft for billion dollar infringement
      -- Hypertext version of latest MPEP (version 7.0) now available
Boycott against RiceTec; NIH testifies about techtran/stem cells
      -- A boycott is being organized against Rice Tec
      -- NIH official testifies about technology transfer and stem cells
      -- Country study: India - Local species (turmeric, neem and basmati)
EETIMES says patents meaningless; Nutrionists complain as well
Cloning; Chem pats; Canadian PO changes CEO; file electronic PCT
Netword's URL lawsuit tossed out by District Court
A poorly drafted/allowed software patent claim? Nvidia sued
A few patent examiners complain about patent quality
Auction patents; Openhouse day at UCBerkeley EECS Department
Are US PTO PCT searches complete waste of money?
What patent lawyers earn; Judges blast a few IP lawyer

December 1998

PTO withholding refunds? Patent registration system proposed
FTC's invention promotion scam victim's fund
Patent books, software, insurance, registration, scams, victories
Biopatenting controversies around the world
      -- US companies buying African seed distributors to sell Terminator
      -- Monsanto sues Canadian farmer: he says blame bees and wind
      -- US government calls for reexamining TRIPS and biopatenting
      -- African call for papers for IP, TRIPS and biopatenting
      -- Indian state government's disaster trying to exploit arogyapacha
Subscribing to PTO Official Gazette; British Trademarks online
IBM's free software offer - how about its patents?
Comments about CAFC?; Consumer guide to patent law firms; Zurko
EC to harmonize computing patents; EPO seminar on searching
A PATNEWS to take you into the holidays

November 1998

Patent status; Quantum computer; Adobe sued; Israel; IPO meeting
      -- PATNEWS 1998 software patent statistics in Japanese
      -- Microsoft wants to rule the world
      -- First quantum computer patent issues
      -- Halftone picture used as a patent diagram
      -- Demand PTO add maintenance status to its Web pages
      -- JPO and EPO offering more patent information
      -- Adobe is sued by Heidelberger Druckmaschinen
      -- Tips for patenting in Israel
      -- Vatican controversy over licensing of the Vatican Library
      -- IPO having annual meeting in San Francisco in November
Kudos: IBM expands its patent Web site
Nancy Linck joins Guilford Pharmaceuticals; more on PTO rules
I REALLY LOVE the PTO's new proposed rules
PTO's strange ways of servicing customers
Was Microsoft given its filewrappers back temporarily?
VMEbus-ers complaining about non-patent prior art
Mouse grows elephant eggs; Marijuana oranges; Biopiracy; Breasts
Supreme Court's Pfaff decision; training PTO clerks; why 25 cents
Book review: "Inventing Software"
Lemelson's (non)inventiveness in light of prior art
"Alter the genome - go to hell" - those wacky Catholics
      -- Catholic bishops to eternally damn molecular biology?
      -- Ecuadorians accuse Abbott Labs of biopiracy
      -- Thai experts want Plant Variety Protection bill passed quickly
      -- Complaints about WIPO's fact-finding mission in Africa
IBM kills White House software patent study
PATENTEC offers a good price and good quality PCT copies
Random patent news over the holidays
      -- More on the new Congressman from Oregon who has an IP background
      -- A paper on university IP royalty rates and formulas
      -- Patent Office hires an expert on the occult ???
      -- Problems with the 1998 PTO bar exam
      -- Indian government urged to drop two bills on patent reform
      -- More on Russian patent statistics
      -- Canadians announces 80 years of Canadian patent data on Internet
      -- "How to make millions with software patents" - new book
      -- Motorola sues PCTel and AltoCom over modem patents
      -- CAFC affirms decision that CellPro infringed Johns Hopkins
      -- Judge throws out patent infringement award against Xerox
      -- People "badmouthing" issued patents? - strange PTO OG announcement
      -- Two recently issued method-of-doing-business "licenses to sue"
More random patent news
      -- Are software patents as insidious as software viruses?
      -- Small Business Administration BBS on Angel investors
      -- Videotex/Internet patent being reexamined
      -- Russian inventors: some in Israel
      -- Another homeopathy patent issues, 5,830,140
      -- How pointless is the PTO Performance Review Board?
      -- How much will the PTO blow on Lehman's going-away party?
      -- Inventor of Slinky Toys dies
      -- Hey! My mother wants to be a patent lawyer
      -- More on Motorola suing PC-Tel and AltoCom
      -- A really big Continuation-in-Part chain

October 1998

Gossip from Washington about Hatch and S507
A really short patent claim involving sperm
OpenMarket outsucks NetWord; Walker Asset/Priceline doesn't travel
Biopatenting news and controversies around the world
      -- Internet Broadcast of the Colonialism through Biopiracy Conference
      -- Initiatives for the Protection of Holders of Traditional Knowledge,
      -- Community Collective Rights to Biodiversity vs. Intellectual
      -- Information note on two regional workshops on Medicinal Plants
Biopatenting news and controversies around the world
      -- ACP-EU Joint Assembly Resolution on "Biodiversity & the Environment"
      -- ACP-EU Joint Assembly Resolution on "Biodiversity & the Environment"
      -- ACP-EU Joint Assembly Resolution on "Biotechnology"
      -- Transgenic animals to be patentable under revised patent
      -- Protecting Africa's special knowledge
      -- Sarawak MediChem Pharmaceuticals Begins Phase 1B Clinical Trial
      -- Pakistan Fights US Company's Registration of Basmati Trademark
Pfaff at Supreme Court; Linck;
      -- Comments from Supreme Court re: Pfaff and onsale bar
      -- CAFC's Tronzo vs. Biomet decision - bad for inventors?
      -- Why biotech patents/applicants are more scientific
      -- More on slashing at Motorola, TI, National Semiconductor
      -- The final word on Nancy Linck - how about Karen Bovard?????
Mystery of 5805697; More on Tronzo v. Biomet
Jane Myers should resign/be fired/get a clue; Ig Nobel prizes
Two weeks of software patent news; GARAGE.COM; Europe patent info
Cognex sues to declare Lemelson's patents invalid
17,500 software patents to issue in 1998
Some curious non-software patents
PTO's San Fran conference - useful or PTO stunt? - More from OED
PTO clerks to become examiners ????????
Part I: Questionable software patents from Aug/Sep 1998
Lehman to resign at the end of the year
Part II: Questionable software patents from Aug/Sep 1998
More biotechnology complaints from around the world
      -- How reliable are PTO customer survey's
      -- Holographers complaining about a patent
      -- Chemical patent examiners allowing a few, ah, questionable patents
      -- UN agricultural centers to boycott patented Terminator seed
      -- Sri Lankans complain about biopiracy
      -- India complains that Dolly's parents trying to patent their cows
      -- Web site for TRIPS information
      -- WIPO holds Asian Regional Seminar on IPR Issues in India
      -- UN publishes "The TRIPs Agreement and Developing Countries"
      -- TRIPS and biodiversity: towards the 1999 review
      -- Netherlands sues to cancel EU patenting of plants and animals
      -- CFR: Pirates on the High Seas: US and Global Int. Prop. Rights
San Fran news article on Lehman resigning
Revised list - law firms handling software patents; WIPTF talks

September 1998

Current status of S507 - probably will be voted on
S507; Prior Use; Nolo; Rice; Neem; Push; Golfballs; Russian patents
      -- Boston PTDL is flooded
      -- Proponents of S507 misbriefing Congress on Tuesday
      -- Letter from Senator D'Amato critical of S507
      -- Criticism of prior use rights in S507
      -- Minutes of meeting between ABA IP committee and PTO management
      -- How Congress can pester the PTO
      -- Nolo Press' travails in Texas over self-help law books
      -- Report on European patents
      -- India to join the PCT - Hindu times article
      -- More complaints about Basmati rice patents
      -- More complaints about the Neem patent
      -- Telephony patentee signs some deals
      -- Complaints about a push patent
      -- German supplier of foreign documents
      -- More statistics on Russian patents
      -- Request for technology for printing on balls
Cloning; Gene therapy - NIH inventor omitted from a patent?
Nolo; PCT prices; India; French patents online; S507; Skilled-n-art
      -- More on that NIH gene therapy story
      -- Buy some Nolo books to support their lawsuit
      -- US Post Office: vote on favorite 1970s technology
      -- Leeds Library (UK) offers low cost PCT/foreign patent copies
      -- India didn't pass trademark legislation
      -- French patent office allows searching of French/EPO/PCT patents
      -- Another critique of S507 / prior use rights
      -- "Skilled in the Art" - what does it mean?
      -- WIPO having Internet domain name conference in Brussels on Sept. 29
      -- USPTO PCT office also mismanaged
      -- Web site for European legislation
      -- South African Sunday Times article on US biotech patents
      -- Accelerate Web browsing and remove Internet ads
      -- How to keep a severed head alive - no, not another Rifkin patent
Non-patent prior art to invalidate a presidency: 102 or 103?
S507; UKPO eliminates patent application fees; news from WIPO
      -- Homer Simpson to become an inventor and trash Edison
      -- S507 sneakily voted on this week as part of a bankruptcy bill
      -- UKPO to eliminate patent application fee
      -- UKPO to reduce trademark registration fee
      -- UKPO workshop on trademarks
      -- NYIPLA's October "Developments in Intellectual Property Law"
      -- WIPO/WTO excited over India joining Paris Convention
      -- WIPO (8/28) - opens new visitor information center
      -- WIPO (7/21) - and WTO help countries to meet Year-2000 IP commitments
      -- WIPO (7/14) - working on international Internet domain names
      -- WIPO (7/ 7) - new deputy directors at WIPO
      -- WIPO (6/12) - protocol on audiovisual performances
      -- WIPO (6/ 4) - to acquire additional land in Geneva
      -- WIPO (3/ 3) - member states approve 1998-1999 budget
      -- WIPO (2/10) - new countries to various WIPO treaties
Parody of today's IPO alert
S507 removed from Bankruptcy bill
Petition to stop human gene therapy
      -- Petition to stop human gene therapy experiments
      -- Conflicting patent information databases
      -- European patent offices putting more information on the Internet
      -- Sept. 24 Silicon Valley IPLA meeting - IP and antitrust
      -- Nov 6/7 California State Bar Intellectual Property Institute
Microsoft's antitrust and the PTO
Clinton, Lehman, TRW, Loral and Monica
Trademark Commissioner Hampton resigns
PTO's trademark database; WIPO meeting on Indigenous People
Linck is "fired"; Trademark data useless; Examiner abused; Waste
Quickee patents?; Bated breath; Guy Kawasaki; Quality; AIPLA/IPO
      -- Large companies getting patents quicker?
      -- Bated breath
      -- Westphalian software patents
      -- More on Guy Kawasaki and GARAGE.COM
      -- Examiner complains about declining quality of patents
      -- Examiners suspicious of AIPLA/IPO and PTO move
Help stop the Terminator seed patent

August 1998

Book reviews; Kudos to the UK Patent Office; PTO relocation
Dr. Seuss and bioethics
Can PTO insult a patriotic citizen on its Web pages?
Ad blitz paints lawyers as sick but curable
Two compliments to the US Patent Office and Comm. Lehman
Microsoft - wins two cases, but patents dynamic BitBlt & music?
Priceline patent not search well; India to join PCT?
How obvious is somatic cell cloning?
Constitutionality of S507; Timely comments from Copyright Office
Two lectures on Internet patents; random tidbits
Help bust a patent; A bad Internet patent claim
PTO screws up Los Angeles bar exam
Prices for ordering PCT documents

July 1998

Monsanto has its Bt patent invalidated
How secret are your searches at the PTO Web site?
"PATNEWS" is prior art? Diana's face; African inventor hero
Was Pat Jordan fired? Diana's face; States infringing patents
Europeans dis USPTO and US :-); More on Pat Jordan
OED having problems with 1998 exams; more on College Savings Bank
Cirrus; Network Associates; Cyrix; IBM; Lucent; Cisco; sex
PTO not qualified to examine Internet patents
More on Lucent/Cisco; A big push to vote on S507
Are PTO examiners sardines? WIPO to create patent megadatabase
Netword sues Centraal, even after I trash their patent
IP protection in Asia-Pacific - conference in San Fran next week
Patent lawyer to rule Japan?
Senator McCain trying to fight PTO's wasteful relocation
State-Street reversed; Microsoft gets Reiffin dismissed
PTO wants comments on full text; PTO CoSci Bar requirement a joke
State Street: methods of doing business ARE patentable
Gossip from inside PTO about Lehman and relocation

June 1998

PTO OED specialist seeking letters of recommendation
No software patent in Europe? NAFTA Pat Office? OED letter hoax?
Eurolawyers want software patents; More gossip about PTO's OED
Let's sue PTO to free UCSD to provide patent texts on 'net
Does ABA think Lehman is a bad PTO manager?
ABA calls for more government information for the public
Book review: Landis on Mechanics of Claim Drafting
Compaq sued for $10 billion for copyright infringement
DEC not liable for keyboard injuries
Dept. of Energy offers fulltext - why not the Patent Office?
CAFC affirms Hyatt didn't invent microprocessor
Lehman sleazes patents/trademarks onto the Internet
GAO report on Bayh-Dole Act
HP sued by Micro Solutions over parallel port interfaces

May 1998

May 20 Palo Alto lecture on software patent litigation stats
Critique of Incyte CEO's lecture on god and biotechnology
Wang's lawsuit gets tossed; Help fight distortions of S.507
Complaints from PTO examiners; lawyer argues against S.507
Protest today to the European Parliament about biopiracy
Review: PLI's 1998 Federal Circuit Yearbook
District Court kills Freeny/EData patent
SE Asia groups protesting biopiracy; more nonsense from Lehman
Bad Database Protection Bill; NIH-Berkeley biotech IP conference; BIO
Quality of issued patents in 1998 to suffer
The randomness of biotech patent examination
Small and independent inventor succeeds with new hinge
Postcard campaign to fight Basmati patent
Goffney to leave PTO July for Akin Gump
Genetically altered food lawsuit; Interior Dept. sued bioprospecting
Mormons, blacks, racism, genes and bioethics
Winning lawyers fees; Fraudulent pending patent hype

April 1998

Is Intellectual Property Legitimate?
PTO has a nice trademark application form on the Internet
Odetics wins $70 million from Storage Technology
Goffney and Hampton to leave as well as Lehman
Lehman's resignation in the works?
Biopatents - how pissed off is the Third World??
Agricultural Dept. pissing off Third World with seed patent
Drug companies reject invention by the Department of Energy
ESTs; Taq; Australia; Japan; PTO biotech patent statistics
Do drugs really cost $300 million for FDA trials?
Nader/Love write Clinton about Amgen/EPO/DOE; More PTO fee theft
Dolly pregnant; Patent on Maxwell's demon?; Banning gene patents
A bioethics survey from UPenn; WSJ quote from James Love was false
Review: software law article; Review: "From Patent to Profit"
PTO attempts to set biotech patenting morality policy
Survey request; Lotus case cite fix; Senate copyright bill
Rule 56 contempt: Action Technologies/Gail Hayes/Blakely Sokoloff
More Lehman insults; NIH & biomed IP; Phily IP meeting
Wang sues Netscape and America Online; Who's suing who?

March 1998

UCB DNA reexam; Bayh-Dole study; year's worst patent claim
Open Market patents bogus? Seminar in Phily; Neat patent diagram
Onsale bar reviewed; 3 software patent seminars/lectures
More on new patlaw group; Rice plant patent challenged in India
Patent problems involving the V-chip
Next patent fight: making customized music CDs
Hypertext MPEP; CDROM of Venture Capital firms
ABC reports on fights between Lehman, Goffney, Hampton
India; JPO; EPO; Genentech; modems; Chiron; Onsale bar; CAFC
The Wang patent auction; Individual suing Sega and Nintendo
India's bioresources?; FAO to guard seeds; Gene patents bad?
List of US/EC TRIPS-related disputes at the WTO

February 1998

Lawsuit heats up over Bogart's prenatal blood test
Y2K; stamps; GAO; biotech deals; help with Russian prior art
How sloppy is software prior art searching at the PTO?
Monsanto/Mycogen; NatSemi/Intel; S3/Intel; Rogaine; Kaiser/Bogart
Senate and House bills prohibiting human cloning
Unisys/LZW patent bad?
Microsoft sued over multithreading patents - the filing
IP in Northern California; Multithreading patent won't prevail
Speakers for panel on IP & EC; more thread art; S507/VC
Rumor on candidate for next PTO commissioner
Dickinson up for Deputy Commissioner of the PTO
If Dickinson, what happened to Goffney ???
Universities' profits; NatSemi patent job; sinks; modems
PTO to eliminate search rooms in new facilities ????
Congress to steal $116 million from PTO in 1999; Hong Kong; USCFC
Lehman going?; Job in Israel; More on Hong Kong patents
Feldenkrais or Federalkrap ???; Has Lehman finally resigned ???
Lehman/Dickinson; Australia; Guide to 1997 Internet PCT filings

January 1998

Happy New Year!!!! Pay your taxes :-(
PTO blows $860,000 licensing search engine for trademarks
Court reaffirms Univ. California shortchanged faculty-inventors
Examiners gaming with Board of Appeals; PTO wasting $100,000,000
More on the University of California
EPO to put full text of patents onto Internet; Someone smearing PATNEWS
Brucey babe - Japan putting patent/trademark data on Internet
PTO officials in Santa Clara on the 27th and 28th
Who owns your genes and body parts??????
GE invented Web bookmarks? MCI invented window titles in 1996?
What is the essence of being a patent lawyer?
Corrections to previous stories; Lawyer complains about PTO
Patents/NPR; Japan to accept patent applications electronically
Ownership of body parts in Europe
Some recent licensing royalty rates
Lehman out? Examiners squabble; Trademarks; Holo patent canceled
What isn't obvious in the patent world?
EPO/PTO; cloning attacked; Paragon/P&G; UK; coke machine

December 1997

EPO translations; More complaints on patent drawings
Mostly biotech patent news
Marketing your invention on Home Shopping Network
Patents in the worlds of Dilbert and Ann Landers
Small company beats Upjohn; some interesting new patent claims
How to "extend" a drug patent
More on drug knockoffs - Lehman's watch ending at the NEH
Ongoing PTO mismanagement
New book/CDROM - guide to Internet patents
PTO exam; TRW settles with Inmarsat; golfballs; small vs large
Lots more PTO mismanagement and a few lies
Trademark data suppressed; PTO gets WPI; new IP service firm
Software inventor taking on Microsoft?
PTO wastes $115,000 grading bar exam; PTO corruption patent access??
PTO exam; Novadigm/Marimba; RSA patents invalid?
PTO management having $25,000,000 Christmas party?
Microsoft's motherboards? Motorola's biochips? DNA computing

November 1997

Licensing questions and answers - biotech, corporations
Israeli IP job; costs of drugs/FDA; PTO killing paper files
BIOPATNEWS: Cloning's Wilmut at MIT; EC; EPA; Rabbits; $$$
Some patent lawsuit settlements/awards
PTO eliminating paper searching
Patent judge caught lying
Neem at EPO?; Judge Ware; Inventors contest; Prior use rulings
London EPC lecture; PCT news; EPO kills neem; software prior art?
Optics editor confused; Examiners protest paper loss; IP talk Chicago
Student inventor of the year; two deceased inventors
US Copyright Office offering email news service
PTO screws up Bar exam processing; Canadian to chair WIPO
Subscribing to copyright list; PTO exam; prolific inventors
Why PCT software patent searches are so bad
Intergraph sues Intel over microprocessor patents
Congratulations to IBM (well not really); Is Intel a bully?
Complaints about PTO's rules for patent drawings

October 1997

Apple & Exponential; IBM & Taligent; Wildfire & General Magic
CEO of Cadence blasts US intellectual property system
Jerome Lemelson has died
UK judge blasts Raychem's claims; Ovonic Battery wins in Japan
New Senate Bill, S1226, includes Patent Office reform
1997 software patent statistics: I - raw data
1997 software patent statistics: II - Internet patents
1997 Software patent statistics: III - bad software patents
1997 software patent statistics: IV - filing the lawsuit
How wacko is Grego?; and Comments from Silicon Valley
Two weird patents - 1 no buyers, 1 no infringers
Comments from lawyers about IPNS stories
How to bust a software patent
Kudos to Taiwan's United Microelectronics
Unocal's patent upheld; new Net search patent; UCC 2B
Lawyers' comments on inventors drafting patents
How hectic is the examiner's workday?
Ridiculing and construing patent claims
Software review: should inventors draft patents?
DEC to sell chip manufacturing plant to Intel
DC gathering about Microsoft
History of DEC/Intel lawsuit - Japanese IP Web sites

September 1997

Telomerase; "Summer for the Gods" - Scopes trial book review
Turmeric patent killed; Lycos touting patent; 56K modem patent?
What's on the other side of the Channel from France?
PTO orders reexamine of yet another patent
ATT patenting Web images that have URLs
UNESCO condemning cloning; Biotech industry stats;
PTO management testing out patent registration system??
More on PTO office actions
India to appeal against WTO ruling on patents
Lehman to also manage Nat. Endowment Humanities?
Patent poster; Litigation rates/costs; How slow PTO?
More patent practices; Inventor of the Year - Aaron Feuerstein
Ants, worms, porkers and lawyers .....
Lehman to NEH; more on Boy Scouts; Adobe beats Quantel
Obviousness problems - comments from lawyers; DEC/Intel; bad claim

August 1997

Silly robot software patent; auctions of sets of patents; Cellpro
Neem patents, or should Sections 102(a) and 102(b) be changed?
Do "prior use" rights already exist?
Web site for IP royalty rates
MCI helps Katz sue ATT after Sprint and TCI settle
Aug. 4th Barron's bashes HR400/S507
Tit-for-tat: Intel countersues DEC
How much of Java is being patented?
Intel's countersuit against DEC of dubious credibility
DOE seeking patent lawyers in Bay Area and Chicago
1986 software game patent being asserted
Internet Bios; Internet Phone; Microsoft & softpats; Intel/DEC
Turmeric; Clozapine; Esp.Seq.Tags ESTs; Cloning; Telomerase/Geron
S507/HR400 constitutional? Part 2 of an argument
McAfee sues Symantec; DFC protests WIPO copyright treaties
More on cross licensing & Intel; IBM settles with modem patentee
Novadigm alleges Web standard-to-be infringes their patent
In re Zurko and software patenting at the PTO

July 1997

Complaints from the PTO examiners
Abuse of examiners by PTO management; bad decision in Japan
What's up with Motorola and electronic books?
More on 'Abuse of Examiners' - NIH shows how PTO lies
More on Intel and DEC - Complaint about PTO's exam regrading
More on PTO exams - more on PTO's APS versus NIH Medline
House meeting today to steal PTO fees
Software patenting is a joke
A mess of recent bad software patent claims
Senators are bought to suppress free access to APS
PTO exam; Cellpro/Baxter; Indonesia; UK PO; Hong Kong/China
More on Intel and DEC; More on PTO, ESTs and now the NAS
Sexual harassment and management abuse at the PTO
A letter to the PTO's FOIA office requesting patent text data
Some in Congress write to Comm. Dept. about examiner treatment
Cloning: patent claims, and policy statements from around the world
Professional searchers witness to US registration system
Eli Lilly beats UCalif; other biotech news; NAS letter to PTO
FTC freezes assets an invention promotion companies
District Court invalidates Action's groupware software patent

June 1997

Is PTO Director re S507/HR400 unconstitutional?
Cyberspace Law Conf. - Dayton - June 13, 1997
International patenting news
Random patent news: PTO, Mafia, PTDLs, Israel, Patent bar exam
Taxing patents; Dec and Intel; Qualcomm and Motorola and Ericsson
September PCT seminar on drafting PCT applications in Berlin
Latest news on S507 patent reform
Book review: 1997 Federal Circuit Yearbook
40,000 questionable software patents by the end of the decade
Cellpro - Universities/NIH/John Hopkins/Becton/Baxter
Lehman to speak Friday in San Diego at ABA conference
Powerful agrobio group petitions Clinton
Senators want FTC after Micrsoft; Using trademarks to bust patents

May 1997

Gripes about a chromosome patent being asserted
Interesting example of patent politics
More on the chromosome testing lawsuits
Software patents - Xerox suing; IBM to sue everyone else?
US academic licensing statistics
Senators chastise Lehman/Kirk for large inventor bias
More on gene sequences, ESTs, PTO, and the NIH; cloning protests
Students want more patent rights
A new low in obvious patents
Patent nonsense in New York Times
DEC's patents, and genetic notes from AAAS meeting
Dec/Intel; Trend Micro; prior art meeting at White House
Intel/DEC - Edata winning? - Fed court worsens software pats
S507 approved by committee, now to be voted by whole Senate
An MIT thesis is copyrighted to death
Less expensive lawyers for patent litigation?
Qualcomm versus the world
CBD on net - Some bio patenting tidbits
Intel strikes back at DEC
Significance of Intel's lawsuit against DEC

April 1997

Microsoft to aid organized crime?; 3M sues/unsues Toshiba and IBM?
Justice Department, software antitrust and intellectual property
MIT sues Dolby Labs; Is INPEX legitimate?
Patent problems at Canadian universities
"Skilled in the art". Which art?
NIH to protest PTO's mostly functionless EST patenting
Corrections to my story on Canadian university IP
Questionable PTO Internet search policy
Clinton killing HR400 and S507 ??
Buckyballs - PTO & EPO bumbling patent applications
Lots of software patent news
Send an email letter protesting HR400; Robert Rines urges HR400 defeat
Justice weeps - HR400 passes on a voice vote
Still hope for defeating HR400
HR400: Lehman insults small and independent inventors again
Illegal secrecy at the Patent Office?
How to lobby against HR400 - HR400 comments from New Zealand
HR400 passes on voice vote; More on amendments to the passed HR400
Patenting in Israel
Claims: Longest chemical; silliest mechanical; trivialist electrical
Help fight S. 507
Patent news for/about small and independent inventors
NIH battling with PTO over patenting of ESTs

March 1997

PTO examiners increasingly unhappy
Top IP law schools - another complaint from an examiner
Yet another ex-examiner complaint - HR400 being rammed through
This really is the LAST two examiner complaints
Structure and function in gene patenting
Congratulations to MIT
PTO's Huther to Census Bureau; Siber leaving IBM; some GATT stuff
Should PTO Commissioner Lehman resign?
Universities shining in the patent world
Patent laws being amended in India
Help a patent office / Who's purchasing patent reform?
One claim style the new software guidelines should eliminate
Judiciary approves HR400 - House vote April 7th or so
More on how to fight HR400
PTO allowing patents on gene sequences without functionality
Inadvertently sent out to everyone, instead of SKGF people; HR400
Is a corporatized PTO unconstitutional?
Scientists' call to ban human cloning
Lehman to lie in Congress today - PTO GOCO unconstitutionality
Congratulations to winning high school student scientists
Patent law firms forgot to pay attention
Changes to Finnish patent law
IP dispute center being formed in Japan
You can clone your own way ............
Software patent struck down in England

February 1997

Update on Internet Patent News Service
NIH patent service contract awards
Two patent jobs positions
Conference on NAFTA and IP in US/Canada/Mexico
A letter to Congress to protest stealing patent fees
Are examiners being overly "restrictive"?
Using water; Worst patent claim of 1996
Bayer to pay Barr and Ruby $24.5 million each
Longest and shortest pending patents
How patent lawyers disagree.
How to write letters to Congress
Bill Gates gets worst software patent of the year award
EPO/Netherlands is hiring examiners and searchers
Oppositions filed for EPO blood cell patent
More graphics patent lawsuits
ABA says - IP lawyers make the big bucks
Congress hates small/independent inventors
Current status of Patent Bills in Congress
A new patent bill is introduced into the House.
India and US swap priority date rights; some Indian attorneys

January 1997

Herbert Hoover and inventors
PTO choking itself to death?
Developments in UK's National Patent System - dangers IBM Web site
Five day patents in New Zealand; Patent/trademark software lawsuits
Yugoslavia and Ghana join the PCT; Biggest users of the PCT
E-data lawyer behind second patent infringement blitz
Fax patent lawsuit is another Freeny patent
Los Angeles area patent conference Jan. 30/31
Tax aspects of applying for a patent
Haworth Incorporated wins $211 million
Silicon Graphics and Lockheed battling over software patents
Another blow to software copyright protection
Inventing contest for students
Searching / working laments from ex-PTO examiners and lawyers
Patent reform in Europe and Canada
1996+ EPO pats on net - Russian IP crime laws
Former PTO Commissioner Mossinghoff joins Oblon, Spivak
MerchantGould get NIH contract; how juries decide evidence
Supreme Court since 1937 on the Internet
IBM patents base-B "printf"
Agrobiotech conference in Monterey, California in April

December 1996

Inventor wins $1.2 million from negligent licensee
ASEAN to set up regional patent agency; biotech patents and stocks
NIH disclaims patent on human cell line from an indigenous person
Internet software company Tibco ignoring its patent lawyers?
Tibco/Teknekron & Netscape/Microsoft/IBM/Sun/Intel & IBM
Loophole in Europe patent protection
How to bust a spectroscopy software patent
EPO reduces fees; Book reviews; dangers of releasing modified organisms
CIA getting involved with patent infringement?
Software patents are everywhere in the Official Gazette
Gemstar acquires StarSight - both will drop lawsuits
More on that "trivial" music patent
Inventor and grandmother of the year - Pat Billings
One executive's complaint about patent litigation
New product? Better do a patent search, OR ELSE!!!!!!!

November 1996

Canadian patents searchable over the Internet
Fee schedule for trademarks in Russia - Employee inventor rights
PTO limits gene pats; Europe protest gened soy; Invent with soy
$30,000 Lemelson-MIT Student Inventor prize
History of one person defending his patents
Microsoft licenses Elkin's 1978 audio signal patent
Tons of biotech patent news from Minneapolis
More biotech patent news
Shame on Commissioner Lehman
Software patents and the new ban on medical procedure patents
WIPO politics and Nigeria
Another Internet patent lawsuit in the making
Economics and IP of cDNA sequence databases; Monsanto's soybeans
Thomson CD patents found invalid - $40 million/year at stake
More on Theis lawsuits; News on Russian trademarks
A weird construction in a claim
Mobil kudos two Mobil inventors in Business Week

October 1996

PhD thesis argues against First-to-File
Pendencies by group - Win $250,000 - Biogen wins $30,000,000
Stanford professor argues that high tech patents are useless
Recent changes in Russian patent fees
Some false marketing by E-data?
Government council for inventing new vehicles
How valuable is a biotech patent?
Another reason why the E-Data patent is invalid
More gossip on E-data, Zache, Hyatt
EPO-Hague is recruiting Engineering and Science Graduates
Microsoft suing Corel? & SPIE inventing seminar in Boston
Fairly trivial software patent
Top 50 University Tech Transfer operations

September 1996

Pharmaceutical examiners at PTO as crippled as software examiners
Software patent guidelines from the European Patent Office
Hoffmann-LaRoche suffers setback in Taq battle with Promega
Patent shenanigans at Sun Microsystems ala Dell?
Accelerated examination for anti-terrorism patents
PTO announcement on examining anti-terror patents
Some very old medical prior art from Tibet
Be careful - Sun Microsystems asks for prior art for '646
An investment firm seeking transdermal technology
Biotech patent conference in Minneapolis in October
$50 CDROM of Supreme Court decisions
Weird software patent lawsuit - the Internet is a player piano
Law conference at UTexas-Austin on Nov 7/8
7000 Supreme Court decisions now on the Internet
Genetics Institute licenses its gene library
Silicon Valley's 50 fastest-growing tech firms and patents
Biotechers, stay out of my nose

August 1996

PTO not using drug encyclopedias to aid searching
Senate agrees with House to steal $54,000,000 from PTO fees
Tech Transfer advice from MIT's Tech Transferers
Microsoft and Netscape agree on fighting Internet patent
Profit figure sales of PTO patent information
Water can't be patented, so your house burns down.
Patent lawsuit over handheld audio recording device
Info on new European Community Trademark
Another disasterous mess at the PTO mail room
First of the Web/HTML software patents issues
Tips for taking PTO patent professional registration exam
NASA's Tech Transfer show in Anaheim in October
Eli Lilly's large patent filings for anti-obesity proteins
Panel discussion on patent harmonization in Boston on 9/9
Which court has jurisdiction over the Internet?
Should Ford Motors buy Novell?
Review of BNA's US Patent Quarterly on CDROM
Visx and Summit arguing over patent royalties, together are sued
Report on licensing royalties and trends

July 1996

A multiple assignee single inventor multiple exemplary OG entry
E-Data ordered to clarify what is being infringed
Who's suing who in the patent world
Pacemaker companies suing each other
A very long CIP chain; an overly specific patent claim
Patent law changes are not always rational
(Anti)aging telomeres might be involved with AIDS
Beginning of the end for E-data patent
Sen Hatch introduces S.1961 = H3460 + copyrights
Is HR3460 in trouble?
HR3460 delayed until 1997
India government council challenging US drug patent
Quickturn wins TEO against Mentor at ITC over EDA
Mentor's version of the ITC action with Quickturn
StarSight wins arbitration against Scientific Atlanta
Congress is trying to steal $50,000,000 from the PTO

June 1996

Brazil adopts new patent law for pharmaceuticals
Questionable Japanese patent ruling overturned
Suggestion to improve PTO mail room flow
Lehman to restructure examiner corps / eliminate US Classification
IEEE proposes new software protection idea
UK court ruling against patenting of software
An interesting measure of novelty for drug patents
Is this Microsoft fax software patent obvious?
Biotech patenting woes continue in Europe
PTO rules TI engineer invented microcontroller, not Gil Hyatt
Some attention for the inventors at Trimble Navigation
E-data gets its day in court

May 1996

EC refuses to post EPO abstracts onto Internet
Little prior art is bad; disclaimed prior art is worse
SmithKline loses patent arbitration; W. Hemisphere IP conference
Report on Japanese R&D and intellectual property laws
One man's campaign against patent maintenance fees
Wacko patent of the month / PCT publication of Wildfire patent
A nice article on patenting of "third world" genes
An interesting question and answer about sub-licensing
Submit your new invention/product to NASA's tech transfer show
IBM to sell off some non-core computing patents
New patent practitioners group; Internet group setting a patent policy
Some reader comments on the EC/EPO patent information problem
Breakdown of PTO income for 1995
Study on pharmaceutical research productivity and patents
Value of a university biotech patent set
Coalition to challenge patenting of genes
PTO faces 90 year backlog on genetic patents due to sequences
Cuba joins the PCT
Should IP lawyers discourage investment software patents?
German patent trends
How much bad software patents will cost you

April 1996

Israel joins the PCT - inventing in Muslim countries
Help support Edison's laboratories from decay
Federal judge declares mutual funds patent invalid
Why bad (software) patents are bad beyond being bad patents
Prior art for Internet "applet" patents - Eolas, Prodigy, etc.
Preliminary software patent statistics for 1996
A recent really rewritten reissued patent claim - really
Latest release of fantastic finite element program
PTO examiners to meet with Congress to protest pending laws
Help save telephones on the Internet - email the FCC
Taiwan and US sign patent agreement? Inventor sues Comm. Lehman
ATT "True Voice" patent survives reexamination, mostly
Patent counts for Silicon Valley firms
Is the following concept patentable?
Critique of Samuelson and Kapor's new software protection scheme
Almost free full text patent searching from Chemical Abstracts
Seminar on Software Intellectual Property at Berkeley
German patent statistics for 1995
Two new CDROMs from Micropatent: PCT and trademarks
A neat patent, an ugly patent claim, and a verbose patent claim
PTO strikes lousy deal with Chinese Patent Office

March 1996

Reengineering at the PTO: management versus examiners
Patents and the Uniform Commercial Code
Japanese banks sue Citibank over electronic money
Ultimate Lemelson Submarine - 1957 priority - for animation
Enzo Biochem's antisense gene patent invalid because not enabling
US Treasury sued for infringing counterfeit protection patents
Ordering copies of patents from the Patent Office
The PTO is having hearing on DNA sequences
A patent anti-dedicated to Professor Kahan
DoE funding human genome intellectual property studies
Details on PTO hearing on medical methods
Fee schedule for Japanese patent agents
Virginia-area briefing on Computer Decency Act
Who's currently suing who?
Canadian Biotech/Pharmaceutical Patent Law Fights
A patent anti-dedicated to Professor Kahan
Yet one more flaw of the new software patent guidelines

February 1996

A model of how biotech companies patent and sue
A programmer's analysis of Prodigy's patent claims re Sun's Java
UK Patent Office accepts priority of US provisionals
Japan biotech patent zapped by Chinese prior art?
Yet another "Comptons" bogus software patent lawsuit scare
Is Taiwan weakening intellectual property enforcement?
A patent law citation that isn't
GAO report on government corporations
Comments from PTO OED director Karen Bovard
Derwent offering patent preparation services
Starting date of operations of Eurasian Patent Convention
How to claim a data structure in a software patent
Get your European Technology Transfer Regulation exemption
A nice history of the GIF controversy

January 1996

How to buy a tape of ABC's Invention special
Patent news stories - a 1995 bibliography of sorts
More patent news stories - a 1995 bibliography of sorts
Number of Japanese patents and applications
Want to live forever?
Finland to join the European Patent Convention
Did peer reviewers steal a company's invention?
Lotus strikes out at Supreme Court
1995 US software patent statistics - 6142 patents in 1995
Does Sun's Java infringe Prodigy's patent? NOT
A Heroic Inventor dies
FTC gets Dell to drop patent claims
British company zapped by 50 year old patent
Who will be the next CAFC judge?

December 1995

Provisional Patents: EC/PTO exchange letters; FTC investigates Dell
Derwent has two new chemical databases; Gene sequences filing software
Pizza Hut sued;17-year term bill to House floor
PTO blocking examiner's Internet access; WTO names appeal judges
A patent claim totally rewritten on reexamination
Molex forces Berg to stop selling SIMM connectors
Bay Networks and 3Com cross-license; Lenzing can't overcome Courtaulds
Sharplan Lasers sues Reliant Technologies over laser patents
Bristol-Myers Squibb and Rhone-Poulenc-Rorer disputing taxol patents
Coherent and Uniphase make a deal; Varian and Lam still unsettled
RSA loses encryption patent rights to Cylink; IBM no longer Big Blue
Provisional analysis from WIPO; send email for the hearing
Will EPO be ignoring US provisional patents?
Patent law changes in Pakistan
Is Dialog going to sue the PTO's OEIP ?????
Courts strike a blow for those fighting patent invention fraudsters
Apple and Microsoft stop talking about relicensing Windows
News and products from WIPO and EPO
Congratulations to ABC and the PTO

November 1995

University patents add more than $20 billion and 150,000 jobs
DNA/RNA sequence submissions overwhelming the PTO
Foreign inventive activity to count in U.S. priority proceedings
PCT filings, membership on the rise
Comments from universities on dealing with industry and IP
Question from PTO patent examiner; Two trivial software patent claims
Is the US patent system a registration system????
Is the PTO suspending processing of software patents???
Followup: Is the EPO ignoring US provisional patents?
Apparently some software patenting is being suspended
Aboriginal person is claimed in a US patent
December 15 PTO "open meeting" on connecting APS to the Internet
Be paranoid, very paranoid, in England if you are inventing
More bad software patenting woes
Two more PCT countries; Eurasian PO open; PCT lowers some fees
New Windows program for estimating patenting costs
An Internet "notary" for electronic document verification
Action sues Novell over email software patents

October 1995

More really trivial software patents
Analysis of Doctrine of Equivalents re Hilton-Davis
PTO releasing legal analysis of software guidelines
Time Warner releases thought control software for children???
Patents using subliminal techniques
Court upholds $62 million award against GE for MRI infringement
Gossip from PTO Commissioner Lehman
Information on inventing in Denmark
300 PTO examiners oppose PTO corporatization; Hollywood patenting
An obvious spectroscopy software patent claim?
UK patents in one year; Derwent hiring; UKPO statistics
Senate aide gets tour of PTO - meets nice examiners
A complaint about the PTO patent bar exam grading process
FTC investigates a patent pool, though too late for German company
Patenting software in Japan
4th Edition of "Patent It Yourself" now available

September 1995

First half 1995 software patent statistics
Interesting chemical/drug patent claim
The Senate wants to merge the PTO and NIST
Leading chemical and drug patenting companies
Is Commissioner Lehman a spy for Japan?????
Dates for Congressional and PTO hearings
Eastman Kodak loses patent case in Japan
White House to make PTO performance driven
Lesotho is the 81st member of the PCT
EPO to offer accelerated regional prosecution
A IPNS reader argues against pre-publication.
Congress planning to steal more PTO registration fees
Orville Redenbacher - the inventor
PTO putting patent abstracts on Internet
Intellectual property in Taiwan nad Korea
The answer is "champerty" - what's the question?
TRW: should the PTO allow orbits to be patented?

August 1995

UK Patent Office to speed up patent processing
Here comes the next nonsense software patent lawsuit
Full text to the son of Compton's software patent
Microsoft versus IBM; Invest in UK patents; EPO and software patents
Patent Office releases utility requirement guidelines
In re Travato vacated
PTO looking for search tools
FTC's activities with antitrust and patents
Juries can play a role in deciding infringement
DNA, proteins as software - software as genetic biocycles
FTP sites for biocomputers
Michigan State Univ. sues Research Corporation
Albania joins the PCT; Eurasian Patent Office almost opens
TRW versus Inmarsat - patent wars in outer space
Eolas claiming rights to embedded apps over the Web
PTO changing the Disclosure Document program
PTO hearings on 18-month publication in September
Taligent's blanket of object oriented software patents
Nice article on patents for motion picture industry
Yet another software patent lawsuit

July 1995

The effect of GATT Amendments on using the ITC
More rumors from the Patent Office
Middle East software piracy / Microsoft sued for programmer theft
Excellent CAD program for inventors
Filing statistics for the South Korean patent office
Two "How come?" patents from Compaq and GE
Argentinian patent politics
NEC looking to hire a patent attorney
Lawsuit over patented tuition plan ?
IBM's trivially short buckytube patent claim
Trivial signal processing software patent claim
Means+function and patents+taxes

June 1995

Intellectual Property in the Arab World
PTO releases proposed guidelines for examining software patents
Costs of applying for European patents
People rushing to file patent applications by June 8th
GE ordered to pay Fonar $100 million over MRI patents
ABB sues FMC - oil drilling equipment; Trademark lawyers have no clue
EPO patent now extendable to Latvia
Justice Department checking Microsoft patent practices
Who's suing who in the patent world
Who's suing in the NIH bio world
EPO policy statement on software patents
Wonderful welcome to WTO
Software piracy estimates by country
Interesting chemical patent claim
Three rumors out of the Patent Office
fYRo-Macedonia joins the PCT

May 1995

Software patenting chaos continues
Profits at drug companies to decline as patents expire?
Wayne State University has to surrender patents to a company
PTO Commissioner to release new software guidelines May 25
Kudos to Dr. Manuel Patarroyo and the Colombian government
Former PTO commissioner accuses current PTO commissioner of inaccuracy
Congress on Knowledge Intellectual Property Rights - Vienna 8/95
Weekly list of unethical software patents
Pharmaceutial companies and generics battle over GATT
Internet: Highway or Sueway?; Examiner comments on PTO searching policy
East German patents; TI wins $51.8 million; CAFC and corporate ethics
Tips for filing patent applications in Japan
CAFC dismisses IBM's In re Beauregard appeal.
German Patent Office criticizes German academic inventors
TRW patents outer space
TRW space patent released today - posted to USENET
Weekly list of unethical software patents
Extremely long and very short exemplary chemical claim
PTO withdraws it's "In re Baird" notice
Netherland abandons National patent route
First biotech researcher was Pope Innocent VIII
Are inventors Benedictines?
FDA allows drug companies to extend patent protection
Patenting strategies of top telecommunications companies
Will the PTO choke to death by June 8th?

April 1995

CAFC restricts the role of juries in deciding infringement
Inventor's show in May in Connecticut
India Parliament fails to amend patent legislation
Microsoft buys 10% of Wang to settle patent infringement
Statistics on preliminary injunctive relief in patent litigation
Oil companies suing each other over gas fuel patent
Justice Department relaxes intellectual property antitrust rules
US pharmaceutical companies complain about Brazil
Pharmaceutical patent reform bogs down in Argentina
First Baltic conference on Industrial Property
Turkmenistan joins PCT - Derwent extends patent coverage
An odd electrical and odd chemical patent claim

March 1995

A really loooooooooooooooooong first claim
A humongous, hierarchical, chemical Markush group
Tips on dealing with patent law firms
Congressional bill introduced to prohibit surgical patents
US corporate intellectual property losses
Lotus loses big copyright case - Borland dodges $100 million
Dr. Robert Rines against 20 year term & 18 month publication
PCT Statistics for 1994
Worst software patents of the decade awarded to HP and IBM
Deputy PTO Commissioner Kirk to resign
Unusual patent claim drafting style
Hong Kong Intellectual Property Office has a Web site
Another "submarine" patent, 500K of text, to Gil Hyatt
Annual statistics from the Chinese Patent Office
PTO announces new plans for software patenting

February 1995

Silicon Valley/Hollywood IP law firms joint venture
Really non-novel recently issued software patents
Comemrce Secretary Brown mentions Greg Aharonian - my 15 minutes
How Group 1200/1500 does its prior art searches
Iceland joins the PCT
Workplace complaints from PTO examiners
Is the PTO being spun-off?
3 neat software patent drafting styles
European Patent Office rules DNA is not life
ATT "True Voice" patent up for reexamination
Lemelson milks an Apple, wings a Wang
NIH and U.Utah settle breast patent gene squabble
A bad software patent from EPO
UK examiner insults US examiners, & suggests I should be paranoid
Ashlar sues SRDC over CAD software interface
Two interesting patents: saving lives and surfing in a box
Comments from a PTO mechanical examiner
MPEGII patent squabbles; Fenwick & West helps MIT help RSA
Hear Gary Reback, the lawyer fighting Microsoft
Jerome Lemelson's Secret Agenda????????
A message from a Congressional aide about 17/20 term battle
Hey Seer: PTO reexam rejects 51 claims in Teknekron's DP patent

January 1995

PTO accepting USENET FAQs as formal prior art
Compuserve and Unisys squabbling over GIF and LZW
PTO did NOT shut down an Internet search site, but ........
A great critique of Unisys' LZW patent enforcement
Patent news from Japan, China, Vietnam and India
New PTO biotech utility examination guidelines
Wilson, Sonsini, Goodrich & Rosati files brief against Microsoft
Official PTO comments on GATT and NAFTA
How to get the Wilson, Sonsini vs. Microsoft brief
Should Seer Technology's client/server patent be invalidated?
More controversy on 17/20 year patent term - a new House bill
Two law firm commentaries on the impact of GATT
ATT Videoconferencing patent with C++ source code
Comments from Commissioner Lehman; PTDL APS use isn't there
Including a technical report verbatim in a patent specification
Random patent news: Genentech, Intuit, Honeywell, BNA CDROM
Singapore joins Paris Convention and PCT; squabbles in Argentina
Inadequacy of PCT/PTO/EPO/JPO software prior art searches

December 1994

Settling patent infringement cases in Japan
Shortest, strangest chemical patent claim just issued
More on weird, short chemical patent claims
Compaq sues Packard Bell over notebook/desktop design patents
Readers in Australia is seeking comments on the concept of petty patents
The largest source code patent?
Patent Office revokes third patent
Mexico joins PCT
More bad news for Agracetus - More good news for Burroughs Wellcome
Gossip on patent law firms around the country
Recent NASA patented technology from NASA Tech Briefs
NY Bar's Clipper debate; BF Goodrich's Inventor Contest
Mexico patent application fees
A badly drafted claim
A humongous chemical Markush group
Uganda in PCT; Palestine PTO; Israeli software patents; UK PTO woes
Fast track biotech patent processing changes being proposed
Commissioner blasts Republicans; 17/20 hearing; PTO source code rules
CAFC Travato clarifies Allapat; Question from IPNS reader
Derwent is looking to hire biotech (patent) abstractors in the UK
Fascinating account of the laser patent wars
$25 million judgment over software trade secret theft

November 1994

Compton's multimedia, and bunny rabbit software patents rejected
DOE sponsoring a program to promote energy efficiency
Questionable educational device patent awarded
Really long first claim - a questionable practice
Data General files patent infringement suit against IBM
More on the rejection of the Compton's multimedia patent claims
PTO examiners disappointed about PTO outsourcing search work to EPO
Titles to recent patent news stories in the general press
Why math algorithms are very patentable
Patent news from Australia and Taiwan
Patenting still tough in Japan - Genentech loses TPA case
Two different courts handle infringement in Japan
Commentary on my commentary on pure math software patents
European Patent Office issues pure math software patent
17 or 20 years for patents: Data shows it doesn't matter

October 1994

Patent consumer news from the FTC and Germany
PTO cancels PAMS procurement
Another Lemelson "submarine" software patent
A criteria list for assessing new inventions
Mexico amends its patent laws
Former PTO Commissioner Ladd dies
Proceedings on patent arbitrations available from WIPO
Mexico joins the PCT
Japan's MITI examining patent rights for new technologies
PTO propose amendments to make CFR compatible with GATT
Software patent statistics - January to September 1994
Worldwide losses of revenue resulting from intellectual property theft
Chemical patenting comments from PTO 1200 Director Terapane
Commentary on biotech and pharmaceutical patenting
New book on intellectual property rights for government contractors
PTO outsourcing some of its searching work to the EPO

September 1994

DOE in middle of squabble over solar cell patents
PTO wants to regulate Invention Marketing companies
Monsanto offers inventing prize
Burroughs Wellcome sues SmithKline Beecham
More rumors on the PTO automation project
US Department of Justice investigating CD-ROM industry and patents
PTO will be charging PTDLs to access APS
CAFC decision differentiating between "one-piece" and "integral"
CAFC decision overturns case dealing with "best mode" disclosure
Did the Alappat case involve software or hardware?
Worst software patent of the month - zipcode database
Average pendency time for software patent applications
Another non-novel software patent for a CASE tool
Appeals court affirms that HP and Microsoft didn't infringe on Apple
News from the European Patent Office
Two clean examples of Markush groups in claims
NASA patent/licensable technologies - September 1994
Australia to adopt 20 year patent term
New book from Canada on plants, patents and GATT

August 1994

Want to work for the PTO? Here's your chance.
A guide to software patent court decisions
New patents from NASA appearing in NASA Tech Briefs
Three new PTO Depositories plus APS/Internet rumor
CAFC rules that software is patentable
Patents plaguing medical procedures field
The strange patent turns out to be PTO booboo
British Patent Office unions fighting privatization
Swaziland joins the PCT next month
Two interesting patents with source code
Lotus and Borland back in appeals court
Company awarded $2.6 million over optics infringement
PKP cryptography members suing each other
US & Japan sign patent agreement
Another Circuit Court decision on software - in re Warmerdam
Cryptography patents and cartel under challenge
An observation on changing patent reexamination
Japanese Patent Infringement Insurance
First woman solicitor at the PTO
PTO to reexamine Billings/Novell software patent
PTO not to appeal Alappat decision favoring software patents
EC to standarize design patent laws
French spies & patents & copyrights

July 1994

NASA patents from July NASA Tech Briefs
Wanna be a patent spy for the Justice Department?
PTO having trouble with "Internet" trademarks
List of tobacco related patents
A company seeks profitable IP to exploit big tax loss
Justice Department investigating CDROM "cartel"
Two government actions involving patent royalties
Electronic records as patent evidence: CFR 37,
Patent protest letter sent to Clinton
Lawsuit war breaking out over fax technology
Help sought in filing a patent reexamination against ATT
Estonia and Liberia join the PCT - now 72 countries
Two reexaminations filed on one biotech patents
Four IP/patent jobs at the University of Minnesota

June 1994

A book on the invention of zippers
Are federal dual-use tech funding economically meaningless?
Billings seeking $220 million from Novell
Lithuania becomes 69th member of the PCT
Nintendo infringes patent - may owe $300 million+
Novell petitions Patent Office to reexamine Billings' patent
10,235,904 combinations claimed in a set of Markush groups
Two GE diamond film patents are challenged
Wang suing Microsoft?
Comments from the PTO commissioner on global patenting
Announcement of new Japanese Patent regulation
Microsoft and STAC settle for less than $120 million jury award
Calgene and Rhone-Poulenc sue Monsanto and Upjohn
Hughes gets $144 million, wanted a billion
Compton's files over 30 pages of modifications
Patent injunction requests can be tricky

May 1994

The PTO's computer systems and networks
DOE/NIST will evaluate your energy inventions for free
Kenya becomes 68th member of Patent Cooperation Treaty (fwd)
News from the European patenting scene
International patenting news items: India, Argentina, Germany
PTO sponsoring National Inventors EXPO in July
PTO reexamining second software patent
PTO revokes another patent, this time in electronics
Two electronics patent deals: Motorola, and ATT/Interdigital
Prosecuting biotech patents - interesting ancedotes
New ruling from PTO on "means plus function" claims
Wall Street Investments and Patent Data Analysis

April 1994

Former Soviet Republics form Eurasian Patent organization
Another bad software patent (Bunny Rabbit) causing lawsuits
A patent for designer sperm
Software patenting "crisis" worsening
Interesting patent ancedotes
Another bad software patent (the BUNNY) causing trouble

March 1994

Comments from the USPTO Commissioner made at recent hearings
Justice Department attacking patent monopoly practices
A variety of patent news stories
Two interesting IBM software patents that include source code
Slovenia, Georgia, Trinidad and Tobago join PCT
Nuisance lawsuits over bad software animation patent
100+ software patents from 1971
Compton's patent rejected during reexamination
First technical patent ever - from 1421

February 1994

PTO seeking comments on experimental use patent rights
Oracle Corporation's position paper on software patents
Software patent protection in New Zealand
New stories about patent infringement lawsuits
PTO backs off from first-to-file harmonization
Honduras, Estonia, El Salvador join WIPO
Comments from PTO Commissioner on software patenting
Position statement on software patents from Autodesk
Bill filed to pre-publish patent applications after 18 months
Court of Appeals reconsidering jury trials for patents
Patent Office to reject most of Compton's patent ??
Microsoft owes Stac $120 million over patent infringement
More problems for Compton's multimedia patent

January 1994

News from the British Patent Office
China joins the PCT
GAO testimony to USPTO on harmonization
VHDL/Verilog/Ada and hardware/software patent equivalence
Microsoft is hiring a software patent lawyer - OH NO

Aug-Dec 1993

Gillette and Scripto sue over erasable inks
Patent of AMP subsidiary Carroll Touch ruled invalid
Court rules that Honeywell owes Litton $1.2 billion for infringement
Uzbekistan becomes 60th PCT member
Supermac and Rasterops battle over graphics patents
TI and Compaq announce patent cross license agreement
PTO rules in favor of Scios Nova's bFGF DNA patent over Salk Institute
Videotape of biotech patent workshop available for sale
Bayer trademarks the word 'aspirin' in Russia
General Instruments and Scientific Atlanta cross license patents
Patent 4,791,356 lists 18,000 lines of C source code
UN publishes book on Intellectual Property
New book - "Pharmaceuticals Biotechnology & the Law"
Compton NewMedia announces new broad multimedia patent
NordicTrack is seeking new health and fitness products and ideas
Novell can't get Billings lawsuit dismissed
Comments on internal IBM patent policies
PTO seeks comments on National Information Infrastructure IP aspects
Exxon Chemical wins $48 million from Lubrizol
41 patents claims to Compton's multimedia patent
Action Technologies announces patents on workflow technology
Swedish Academy of Engineering book on Swedish and Japanese IP